Zoomers Fins Reviewed

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For twenty years FINIS has been dedicated to making quality aquatic products for our loyal customers. At FINIS we understand that no two swimmers are alike, and that not all swimmers enjoy using the same swimming fins. FINIS offers a variety of Zoomers Fins to fit every need.

Are you a speed swimmer? Is endurance your style? Are you a beginner, or are you a pro? No matter who you are, or what your level of expertise, FINIS has a set of Zoomers Fins to make your water experience memorable.

The Benefits of Using Zoomers Fins:

  • Comfortable, lightweight material.
  • Best Training fins available.
  • ​Great for all skill levels.
  • ​Increases leg strength.
  • ​Promotes shorter kicks.
  • ​Promotes faster kicks.
  • Increases ankle flexibility.
  • Excellent cardiovascular conditioning.

Comparison Chart

Zoomers Fit Fin
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FINIS Youth Zoomer Fins, Yellow Gold – Size E, Male (7.5-8.5) Female (8.5-9.5) (
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FINIS Youth Zoomer Z2 Fins, Gold – E

Zoomers Fit Fins

The FINIS Zoomers Fit fins are made of a soft comfortable, lightweight material that float the legs into the proper position. The Fit fins also help keep the body buoyant and in alignment with the legs and feet.

This allows the swimmer to have a shorter and faster kick. The closed-heel design offers a secure fit, while the flex box under the fin catches the water during the up kick, strengthening the hamstrings and the glutes. The Zoomers Fit fins come in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit.

Zoomers Gold Fins

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The FINIS Zoomers Gold Fins are the next step up from the FINIS Zoomers Fit fins. FINIS created a new and improved fin that offers greater comfort and performance. Zoomers Gold has a soft rubber foot pocket for greater comfort. The Zoomers Gold blade has a stiffer blade to help accelerate speed during workouts. The blade angle aligns with the natural angle of foot, helping to promote a proper kick.

These Zoomers fins are ideal for any fitness program and are especially great for competitive swimmers. The Gold fins offer the best leg workout; this gets your heart pumping and so offers a cardio workout at the same time. The Zoomers Gold fins are available in 6 different sizes and sizes are given for our Euro and UK customers.

The gold swim fins are perfect for all skill levels. Sizes range from very small to extra large, and are offered in both male and female sizes. Swimming is a great recreational sport for the whole family. Get everyone involved. With everyone wearing the new FINIS Zoomers Gold swim fins the race is on! Who will win?

Z2 Gold Zoomers Fins

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The FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers are made of a soft rubber that offers a secure fit and inhibits hyper flexion. The short blade encourages short, fast kicks, while allowing just enough propulsion to glide one through the water. The fluid separator on the top of the fins allows the foot to slice through the water with ease.

This reduces leg fatigue, especially in the quads. The FINIS Z2 Gold fins target the hamstrings and glutes. The flex box catches the water on the up kick, strengthening muscles with every kick. Ten sizes of the FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers fin are available, and, as with our other fins, we offer sizes for those in Europe and the UK.


FINIS Zoomers Fins offer the best in design, the best workout, and the best time of your life in the water. What more could your feet want? These will be a memory, they will be an optimistic ripple effect of memories towards training and the expected outcome of the adventure you may partake as you wear these.

The sole purpose had been made in contact with the reasoning of the product which is enclosed in the features allowing every dream of actually being satisfied to become reality. In assurance of what you are buying is the main topic of your decision.

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