What Kind Of Swim Fins Should I Use For Bodysurfing?

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Nothing spells and defines harmony with the ocean better than this one word, Body surfing. Generally a larger percentage of people think of surfing as a sport that involves surfboards (long boards, short boards, and boogie boards).

This is somewhat correct only that surfing is more than a sport, it is an art. According to world pro surfer Mark Cunningham the keys to body surfing are knowing how to swim, having a suit that is going to stay on, kicking like hell, and coming out of the water smiling.

Part of having the best time out in the surf involves choosing the equipment that best suits your needs and skill level. When buying new fins you should keep the following things in mind, sizing, materials used, drive and flow. If you get any of this wrong, blisters and cramps will be inevitable in your surfing experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fins for bodysurfing. 

Comparison Chart

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U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II Body Boarding and Body Surfing Fin (Red, Large, 10-13)
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Churchill Makapuu Floating Fins | Comfortable Fit Fin Flippers | Patented Dolphin Tail Swimfins for Thrust and Performance | Made of 100% Natural Gum Rubber | Swimming, Diving, Surfing, Bodyboarding
Kpaloa Swim fins Pro Model Waterman Bodysurf and Bodyboarding (XL)
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DMC Repellor Short Silicone Grip Kicking Fins for Swim and Body Surfing
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Slyde Handboards DaFin Made Limited Edition Swim Fins for Handboarding, Swimming and Bodysurfing. Free Bag Included (Size: Medium Large = Mens 9-10 Womens 10.5-12)

Best Fins For Bodysurfing: Reviews

U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II Body Boarding and Body Surfing Fin

31sEvvyf3jL. SL500

U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II fins are designed with a short blade precisely optimized for bodyboarding, body surfing, and traveling snorkelers. They are engineered to deliver power and speed while conserving energy.

The dual composite blade cups and channels water efficiently, providing more thrust, but the compact shape and size are perfect for bodysurfing and travel.

The U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II fins are soft and comfortable, with a soft foot pocket, a heel pad, and an adjustable foot strap for excellent comfort and custom fit. The built-in leash system secures the fins and keeps them from getting lost in the waves.

These fins come in small, medium, and large sizes and in striking metallic red and black colors. They are backed by a two-year warranty.

  • Short and compact for bodysurfing
  • Great power and efficiency
  • Comfort and stability
  • Not very durable
  • Not as wide a range of sizes as other fins, but an adjustable strap can make up for some fit differences

Churchill Makapuu Floating Fins

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Churchill Makapuu floating fins have become standard equipment for high-performance bodyboarding and are also great fins for swimming and a wide range of water sports.

These fins have a patented and trademarked dolphin fin design inspired by the best swimmers in the world to give you the most thrust and best performance.

These fins are made of 100% natural gum rubber that is soft and comfortable around the feet, then stiffens into the blade for better thrust. In addition, they have a higher blend line that increases power with every kick and stiffer side rails to transfer power.

The Churchill Makapuu Floating Fins have a bottom drainage hole that allows water and debris to flow naturally through the fin without discomfort or drag.

They have a slip-on design with a thick heel strap that locks the foot in place. These fins have been a bodyboarding favorite for decades and remain one of the best choices in a swim fin for bodysurfing. They come in blue/orange color and are available in five sizes from small to extra-large.

  • Patented dolphin-inspired shape
  • Natural rubber for comfort and durability
  • Improve thrust and performance with every kick
  • Sizing can run a bit snug, so if you are in between, order up a size and wear with fin socks

Kpaloa Swim fins Pro


The Kpaloa swim fins pro are designed for bodysurfing and bodyboarding, optimized for fluidity and acceleration during water surface kicks. They are made of vulcanized rubber that optimizes comfort and thrust, and they float in saltwater.

The foot pocket is made of ultra-soft rubber for excellent comfort, and the blade is made of extra hard rubber for maximum propulsion.

The balanced floating formula is based on research and tests to optimize density for fins that will float in seawater, save effort with every leg kick, and perform well during maneuvers. In addition, the symmetrical blades balance kicks and maximize propulsion.

Designed by Henrique Pistilli, Kpaloa’s Waterman Pro Model fins are ideal for body surfing, bodyboarding, and water rescue activities and can be worn by swimmers of all skill levels. The hydrodynamic shape is optimized for surface kicking and offers flexibility and density for high performance.

The anatomical foot pocket design is comfortable, with a low-profile strap design that improves fit and comfort. They have three high-efficiency, strategically placed drainage holes that release water and debris from inside the fin.

Lateral ridges promote fluidity and maneuverability, and the extra hard rubber blades evenly distribute power to avoid twisting and improve propulsion. They are available in 7 sizes, from extra small to xx-large, and in a green/black color. These fins also come with a mesh storage bag for quick drying and easy portability.

  • Float in saltwater
  • Optimized for speed on the water surface
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Sizing can run a bit small, and straps are not adjustable for larger foot sizes

DMC Repellor Short Silicone Grip Kicking Fins

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The DMC Repellor short fins are high-end fins designed to improve propulsion in all facets of aquatic requirements, optimized for bodysurfing, bodyboarding, lifeguarding, and ocean swimming. They have a short blade design that provides excellent speed while improving lower body fitness, leg strength, and flexibility in the ankle.

In addition, DMC Repellors have a patented reverse vee rail technology, which opens up like a squid when in contact with water, creating more points of contact, adding extra power, and moving like a natural part of your body.

These fins are made of soft, flexible, high-quality, exclusive silicone-based material that provides excellent comfort and won’t mark decks or pool surfaces.

DMC’s Repellor kicking fins have a short blade that reduces fatigue and provides an excellent drive. They have a comfortable foot cavity that fits either foot and most sizes of feet.

Vented drainage on the bottom of the fins releases water and debris with every kick, reducing drag and improving speed. They are available in 7 sizes, from xx-small to extra-large, and in back/green, green/black, or orange/black colors.

  • Unique reverse vee rails that improve thrust on the downstroke
  • Flow organically like part of the body
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Soft and flexible silicone may not suit people who want a stiffer blade

Slyde Handboards DaFin Limited Edition for Bodysurfing

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These fins are a limited-edition collaboration between Slyde Handboards and fin legends Dafin. Dafin are the official swim fins of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and the United States Lifeguard Association, and this limited edition fin is designed explicitly for handboarding, bodysurfing, and swimming.

They have been tested and approved by some of the best Hawaiian bodysurfers in the industry. These ultra-lightweight fins are incredibly portable and comfortable, made of high-grade natural Malaysian rubber that floats in water. They allow you to improve your performance with more speed, control, and lift for longer rides and more fun in the water.

The Slyde Handboards Dafin Limited Edition fins have an ultra-comfortable foot pocket that is soft and molds to the shape of your foot, reducing discomfort and cramping. The specially designed ‘strakes’ improve power and control even in challenging water conditions, improving your speed in the waves.

They are super lightweight and portable and can be worn on either foot. They come in 7 sizes, from extra small to xx-large, and in either electric yellow and black or black and yellow colors.

  • Tested and used by some of the best athletes and professionals in the world
  • Provide more speed, control, and lift
  • Float in water
  • The black and yellow striped fins have a standard yellow color, not the electric yellow of the electric yellow and black of the other color option. Some people prefer a brighter, more vivid yellow shade


These are some of the best body surfing fins available in a wide variety. If you want a better surfing experience, the fins will provide the right response. Get the genuine fins from credible and reputable dealers for the best results.

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