What Kind Of Swim Fins Should I Use For Bodysurfing

What Kind Of Swim Fins Should I Use For Bodysurfing?

Nothing spells and defines harmony with the ocean better than this one word, Body surfing. Generally a larger percentage of people think of surfing as a sport that involves surfboards (long boards, short boards, and boogie boards).

This is somewhat correct only that surfing is more than a sport, it is an art. According to world pro surfer Mark Cunningham the keys to body surfing are knowing how to swim, having a suit that is going to stay on, kicking like hell, and coming out of the water smiling.

Part of having the best time out in the surf involves choosing the equipment that best suits your needs and skill level. When buying new fins you should keep the following things in mind, sizing, materials used, drive and flow. If you get any of this wrong, blisters and cramps will be inevitable in your surfing experience.

Best Fins For Bodysurfing

Churchill fins

Churchill MAKAPUU floating swim fins exploit a patented dolphin design giving you optimum power and acceleration for catching waves. They help you maintain total control.

Makapuu fins are awesome fins with a lot of kick provided for by the stiff rubber found on the blade. The rubber covering your foot is soft for complete comfort.

Churchill fins

Supports mid to light weight, well balanced weight, and power plus comfort ratio.

MS Viper fins

Form meets function with Viper fins, behind their design, construction and function is a lot of years of wave riding experience. This fact qualifies them to be classified as the best fins out there for both body surfing and bodyboarding.

With the Viper fins expect less chance of you tripping over your feet in front of the crowd at the wedge as you march out. Why? Because of the shorter and stiffer blades which turn walking up the beach, or anywhere a little easier.

MS Viper fins

Why are these best? They float and you can easily spot them if lost since they are 100% natural rubber, wide shorter blade for added acceleration, drainage holes for grit and sand and bevel side rails for added control.

Hydro Fins

It is one of the highest thrust fins on the market. The Hydro fin range is made of silicone which ensures no blisters unlike rubber which tends to cause them.

Silicone is soft, a factor that gives exceptional comfort and greatly reduce the incidence of cramps.

UV proof, resistance to tearing and splitting are other benefits of this material. Silicone design for more comfort and have a dedicated left and right foot.

Hydro Fins

Kicks Fins

They have the most comfortable foot pocket. Each fin is identical thus will fit either foot.

These fins provide a natural feel in the water due to a multiple all natural rubber feature. You can choose from a wide selection of colors to fit your style!

Additional strength is offered by the raised ridges on each side of the blade and down the center of the foot pocket.

Why are these best? It has Superior maximum drainage, power and is perfect for drop knee and extremely comfortable.

Kicks Fins

DaFiN Fins

This fin combines unmatched comfort with exact construction that creates a swim fin that performs in the most extreme conditions.

Side rails on DaFiN are rock solid but run only about half way down the length of the fin forcing it to flex right at this particular point.

Maximum acceleration is achieved through the raised V-shaped foot pocket combined with a stiff blade.

DaFiN Fins

You would think such a powerful fin is heavy but on the contrary its light. DaFiN has been endorsed and are now currently used by a lot of lifeguard and fire/rescue agencies in the US and by the Junior Lifeguard programs of the USLA.

For such a powerful fin, it is unusually light in weight. Faster acceleration, more thrust per kick with minimal effort, is no right or left foot difference and is more maneuverable.


These are some of the best body surfing fins available in a wide variety. If you want a better surfing experience, the fins will provide the right response. Get the genuine fins from credible and reputable dealers for the best results.