What Are The Best Swimming Flippers?

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When looking around for your next pair of fins or your first, a big question many ask is which is the best one? Many factors play into this and it can depend on your preference and foot but there are many similarities at the same time.

Swimming Flippers For Sale

When you are shopping around price is probably a concern to you. Most fins are around the $25-$65 range. On the lower end are mass produced fins made by big companies like Finis and Speedo.

These fins are made for swimming pools for people who swim laps and train. The other type that is on the higher end $45-$65 are for ocean sports like bodyboarding, swimming, and bodysurfing.

What Are The Best Swimming Flippers 2

Some of the largest brands are Churchill fins and Viper fins. They go for a little more and are more of a specialty item compared to the mass produced fins made by huge companies like Speedo, which sell millions of swimming fins.

A few things to consider and look into when getting pair of swim flippers:


What are you using them for? Are they boogie board flippers or are they to train in the swimming pool? Good boogie boarding flippers are ones like Churchill fins, Viper fins and Hydro fins. While training and pool fins are ones like the Aqua Sphere Mircrofins or Speedo Biofuse.


Power and speed are another big factor that play into selecting your swimming flipper. The more powerful the stiffer the blade. Many times a stiff blade can be uncomfortable for many peoples types of feet.

Viper fins are very stiff and powerful while Neo fins are very soft and extremely comfortable yet low on power. A great in between all around flippers for swimming would be Churchills.


Special features can sway someones opinion to make a buying selection. Some features include:

  • Floating
  • Material
  • ​Color
  • Drain Hole System
  • Style Points / look cool

Here are some of the best swimming flippers below:

Comparison Chart

31MTVlLhNXL. SL500
Churchill Makapuu Fins (Blue/Yellow) – Size: Large – Perfect for catching Waves, Whether Bodyboarding, Swimming, Travel fins, bodysurfing, Casual Swimmers or Tight Space Snorkeling ect.
41MDuNiibUL. SL500
Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins – Black/Yellow – ML | Bodysurfing | Bodyboarding
Hydro TECH 2 Ocean Swim Fins – Select Color & Size (Black – Orange, Large)

How To Swim With Flippers

Many take it for granted when they are swimming with flippers. Everyone starts at some point and it can be confusing how to put flippers swimming on to how to use them. They should fit comfortably snug on your foot.

What Are The Best Swimming Flippers 3

What you will do is put your foot into the foot pocket and then secure the fin ankle strap behind your ankle snug so that it does not come off in the water and functions properly.

Then kick with one foot at a time, going up and down with your knees and utilizing your ankles with a snapping motion.

Make sure your swim fins are not on the surface of the water, the should be a little bit below the surface (just an inch or two) and there should be no big splashes about, just calm paddling. That is a big beginner mistake to have your fins too close to the surface, right on the surface actually, and splash everywhere, it is very ineffective.

Swim Fins For Kids

Are you shopping for your kid or are you a kid shopping with your parents credit card with out their knowledge? When you are looking for swimming flippers for children there are a few things you should know.

I used all kinds of fins and some were too hard on my feet, creating many cuts, craters, bumps and scars. Without exaggeration, this happens a lot with people who use fins a lot, in my case (and many others) bodyboarding.

Kids swim fins should be soft to medium power/stiffness. There is no need to have very stiff fins like Viper fins when you are just starting out with swimming flippers for kids.

What Are The Best Swimming Flippers 4

Here are a few great kids swim flippers that will do a great job but not hurt their feet, Churchill fins, Neo Fins, FINIS Jr Floating fins. Those are great to start with and then later down the line when they are ready for their next pair of kids flippers they could look into something that is stiffer with more power.

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