What Are The Best Swimming Flippers For Kids And Children?

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If you are searching for your kids or a child to find the best swim fin flippers for them then this article is for you. I will be breaking everything down and will make the buying process a breeze for you. I wrote this article because I have had many kid and parents asking me questions like:

  • What are the best swim flippers for my kid?
  • How should the swimming flipper fit?
  • How should I take care of the swimming fins?
  • What type of flipper should I get to bodyboard/bodysurf/swimming/pool/training?

These are all valid questions that you might be wondering, as I get asked all of these and more on a frequent basis. We will answer these questions, but first, let’s have a look at some of the best swimming flippers for kids and children. 

Comparison Chart

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FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins, Green, Jr 8-11
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Cressi Mini Light, Azure, 29/31
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Comfecto Swim Flippers Short Floating Training Fins Size XS for Big Kids Youth Woman Girls Age 8-12 Years Old, Thermoplastic Rubber Swimming Dive Fin for Scuba Diving Snorkel Watersport, Rose Red
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Foyinbet Kids Swim Fins for Lap Swimming, Short Floating Flippers for Snorkeling and Training (X-Small)
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Monofin Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Fins with 3 Colors for Swimming with Flipper Diving Fins, Girls & Boys (Blue)

Swimming Flippers for Kids and Children Reviews

Finis Booster Kids Swim Fins

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The Finis Booster Kids Swim Fins are made of natural rubber, so they are flexible and comfortable, and naturally buoyant. These fins float in water helps them hold a swimmer’s body in the correct position, helping kids improve their form while swimming. This also makes these fins easy to find if they accidentally get caught in a wave.

In addition, the short blade provides effective feedback with a natural kicking motion, providing more forward movement and making swimming more fun.

Finis Booster Kids Swim Fins help train young swimmers to keep their legs naturally extended, promote comfortable leg extension, and prevent bicycle kicking when learning to swim.

Added resistance from the fins also helps to build leg strength and improve muscle endurance. They are comfortable and flexible, with an open-toe design that prevents rubbing and chafing and a heel tab, so they fit snugly while still being easy to put on and take off.

The Finis Booster kids swim fins come in color-coded sizes, with purple xxxx-small, green xxx-small, and orange xx-small, in US and EU junior shoe sizes.

  • Help to reinforce good swimming and kicking habits while learning
  • Provide good feedback for swimmers
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Some kids don’t like color-coded sizing and want to choose their own fin color

Cressi Short Floating Swim Fins

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Cressi is famous for the quality of their swim fins, and their short floating swim fins are designed to help very young kids learn how to swim and have fun in the water.

The soft, flexible rubber is durable and comfortable, and their buoyancy helps prevent the fins from getting lost, as well as helping new swimmers stay in the correct body position.

In addition, the short length of the fins and traction bumps on the soles makes them easier to walk in when poolside, and the side rails provide more power and speed in the water.

These fins are a great way to help kids improve their swimming technique while making swimming faster, more intuitive, and more fun.

The Cressi Short Floating Swim Fins are made to help kids learn how to swim. The fin design helps promote the correct foot and body position while swimming, and they help develop leg strength and endurance.

The fin tab makes them easy to put on and take off, and they are also small and lightweight, so they are easily portable and great for travel.

They are available in four sizes for kids from approximately 1 to 7 years of age and in 8 fun and vivid colors, including azure, blue, lilac, lime, orange, pink, red, and yellow. They are backed by a 2-year warranty.

  • Short blade and side rails provide powerful, natural thrust when kicking
  • Strengthens leg muscles and promotes endurance
  • Two-year warranty
  • Better to order slightly large and use swim socks if necessary, so kids don’t grow out of them as quickly

Comfecto Short Training Swim Fins

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The Comfecto Short Training swim fins are sized for kids 8 and older. They provide added speed and comfort that boosts confidence in the water. The orthopedic foot pocket creates comfort and control, while the secure ankle support adds protection and stability.

These fins are made of thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene for flexibility and have a textured grip on the bottom to avoid slipping when walking in them.

Confecto’s Short Training swim fins are compact and lightweight. The floating fins are easier to find if they fall in the water and help hold the swimmer’s body in the correct position.

In addition, they come with fin pads that allow the fins to keep their shape when not in use. These fins are available in sizes from xx-small to xx-large and come in blue or rose-red colors.

  • Orthopedic foot pocket with stable ankle protection
  • Nontoxic nonslip material for easy walking
  • Improves swimming form and body positioning
  • Not available in sizes for children under 8

Foyinbet Kids Swim Fins

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The Foyinbet kids swim fins are made of high-quality rubber, with a short blade and water channels to improve speed and feedback for new swimmers.

The blade design promotes shorter and faster kicks, improves swimming technique, and builds leg strength, while the wider blade provides more speed and thrust with every kick. In addition, they have a snug and comfortable foot pocket and a textured sole for safe walking when at the pool or at the beach.

The Foyinbet kids swim fins have a soft, natural foot pocket that feels comfortable and doesn’t rub or chafe. Short fins are more natural and intuitive for kids and help prevent them from accidentally kicking or knocking against obstacles with oversized fins.

The small size and textured sole also make them easy to wear when walking poolside, and they are portable and fun for travel. They come in sizes from extra small to extra-large and are available in navy blue/purple or sky blue/navy blue.

  • Build leg strength and swimming technique
  • Add speed and thrust when swimming
  • Durable and comfortable
  • These fins are not buoyant

Funcilit Mermaid Tails Swim Fin

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Some kids are much more likely to want to learn to swim if they can adopt a fun fin that lets them swim like a mermaid. The Funcilit mermaid tail swim fin is a monofin that lets kids enjoy playing in the water, builds confidence, and teaches a balanced dolphin swim kick that builds strength and endurance in the water.

In addition, the soft, flexible tail is nonabrasive and nontoxic and can help create more speed and fluid motion when swimming mermaid-style.

The Funcilit Mermaid Tails Swim Fin has a comfortable divided TPR foot pocket with an open toe that allows water to drain from the foot pocket, reducing drag and helping kids swim more easily.

The adjustable Velcro strap holds feet securely in the fin while providing a comfortable fit that can be adjusted over time. The strap has a quick-release mechanism that makes it easy to remove the fin quickly when needed. In addition, it has textured pads on the bottom that help prevent slipping when standing in this monofin.

This fin is one-size and fits kids shoe sizes 2-7 (US) or 24-37 (EU), approximately 6-12 years of age. This monofin comes in blue, green, or pink and is a great way to get both boys and girls excited about swimming.

  • Fun and interesting way to get kids excited to swim
  • Available in three unisex colors
  • Adjustable strap to grow over time
  • Quick-release straps for safety
  • For obvious reasons, this fin can’t be easily used for standing or walking in and can only be put on and used in the water
  • Kids should already know how to swim conventionally before attempting the necessary dolphin kick of a monofin.

Which Swim Fins For Kids Should I Use?

First lets start here because what are they going to be using the kids swim flippers for? For bodyboarding, boogie boarding, ocean swimming, bodysurfing or a lifeguard job here are the best fins to use, I have added all small sizes in the carousel below:

Churchill Fins

Churchill Fins these are my top recommendation to start with and use. Churchill’s are the most well balanced fin when it comes to power, function and comfort. They have been around forever and are proven, most fins now base their design off these.

Ally Fins

Similar to Churchill’s, again well balanced, they are a bit stiffer of a blade with a bit more power.


Neofins are one the the safest bets out there the are especially great for the beginner swimming flippers for children because of there soft neoprene (wetsuit material) for the fin pocket. Neofins are extremely comfortable, safe and best kids flippers.

Stealth fins

These swimming flippers for kids are very similar to Churchill and Ally, therefore you can’t go wrong. Stealth fins have a few more features like a better drain hole system but other than a few changes they are very similar.

Other kids swim fins that are meant for the pool and pool training are a lot different that the ones above that are meant basically for ocean sports. Below are the top of the line for pool and pool training.

How Should The Fins Fit?

They should fit comfortably snug. Too tight and they will be constricting and too loose they could come off or have to much room that they will not work effectively.

How Should I Take Care Of Them?

You should always rinse off with fresh water after each use, keep in a cool, dry place and out of the sun when not in use. Also don’t cram them into any tight spaces as they can permanently contort the shape.

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