What Are The Best Swimming Flippers For Kids And Children?

What Are The Best Swimming Flippers For Kids And Children?

If you are searching for your kids or a child to find the best swim fin flippers for them then this article is for you. I will be breaking everything down and will make the buying process a breeze for you. I wrote this article because I have had many kid and parents asking me questions like:

  • What are the best swim flippers for my kid?
  • How should the swimming flipper fit?
  • ​How should I take care of the swimming fins?
  • What type of flipper should I get to bodyboard/bodysurf/swimming/pool/training?

These are all valid questions that you might be wondering, as I get asked all of these and more on a frequent basis.

Which Swim Fins For Kids Should I Use?

First lets start here because what are they going to be using the kids swim flippers for? For bodyboarding, boogie boarding, ocean swimming, bodysurfing or a lifeguard job here are the best fins to use, I have added all small sizes in the carousel below:

Churchill Fins

Churchill Fins these are my top recommendation to start with and use. Churchill's are the most well balanced fin when it comes to power, function and comfort. They have been around forever and are proven, most fins now base their design off these.

Ally Fins

Similar to Churchill's, again well balanced, they are a bit stiffer of a blade with a bit more power.


Neofins are one the the safest bets out there the are especially great for the beginner swimming flippers for children because of there soft neoprene (wetsuit material) for the fin pocket. Neofins are extremely comfortable, safe and best kids flippers.

Stealth fins

These swimming flippers for kids are very similar to Churchill and Ally, therefore you can't go wrong. Stealth fins have a few more features like a better drain hole system but other than a few changes they are very similar.

Other kids swim fins that are meant for the pool and pool training are a lot different that the ones above that are meant basically for ocean sports. Below are the top of the line for pool and pool training.

How Should The Fins Fit?

They should fit comfortably snug. Too tight and they will be constricting and too loose they could come off or have to much room that they will not work effectively.

How Should I Take Care Of Them?

You should always rinse off with fresh water after each use, keep in a cool, dry place and out of the sun when not in use. Also don't cram them into any tight spaces as they can permanently contort the shape.