Drop Knee Body Board Review

Best Dropknee Swim Fin Flippers

First, What is dropknee bodyboarding (and History)? First lets answer the question of what exactly is this in the first place!

Dropkneeing is its own unique form of bodyboarding where you have one knee on the back corner of the board (near the tail) and your other leg up by the front of the nose of the board and that foot flat on the bodyboard.

Dropknee bodyboarding was first introduced in the 70s by Jack The Ripper Lindholm from Hawaii. He had it functional and stylish, attacking more riders.

Jack The Ripper Lindholm

This style of riding a bodyboard is well-known and a established identity in the bodyboard community yet remains underground from the main stream sports arena. Drop kneeing has its own division in most all bodyboard contests including the world tour.

It started to pick up steam in the 80s and 90s where legends to this day ripped on the knee including Paul Roach, Keith Sasaki, Todd DeGraph and Kainao McGee.

Today and in the last 1o years there have been even more rippers including Matt Lackey, Raffi Myers, Jeff Bragg, Damian King, Kim Feast, Michael Crawley, Dave Hubbard, Brandon ODB Foster, and Sasha Specker.

What Makes For The Best DK Fin?

It is a bit different than for regular prone bodyboarding. You want a swim fin this is a bit more rounded in features. Meaning, shorter and wider mainly.

You have to get the fins up on your board, pivot and maneuver with them. You also want the fin blade to be strait and wide, uneven ones like Churchill, Stealth, Ally, Supers fins down work as well as the ones I recommend below.

Also as I mention below, you can modify these fins I have listed in the previous sentence by cutting the fin blade on the long point down a bit or try it out as see if you like it with the uneven fin tips, if you are thinking about getting one of those.

Woman dropknee bodyboarding

So, here is a break down and explanation of what fins work great.

Viper V5 okay but a bit long, you might want to cut the blade down.

Churchill Makapuu Great but a little lopsided for DK, consider cutting the long tips.

Toobs Bluntcut Excellent, most DK riders wear these.

Custom X Work great, very similar to Toobs bluntcut.

Kicks Work great, very flexible and maneuver around with, not much power.

I consider Toobs Bluntcuts to be the best, second would be custom x, kicks, and the other ones mentioned here with the fin blade cut down.

Ultimate Dropknee Swim Fin Comparison Guide

Swim Fin Type Power Comfort Styles Points Functional Left/Right Foot Fit Notes
Toobs Bluntcut fins toobs bluntcut swim fin flippers for drop knee bodyboarding Medium Medium High High Identical Best
Custom X custom x swim fin flippers Medium Medium Medium High Identical Second Best
Kicks fins Low High Medium High Identical Second Best
Churchill Makapuu Fins churchill Makapuu fins Medium Medium High High Individual Consider cutting the long blade tip down
Viper Fins Viper Fin High Low Medium High Identical Consider cutting the blade down
Viper Vectorsviper vectors High Medium Medium High Identical Consider cutting the blade down
Stealth Fins stealth fins Medium Medium High High Individual Consider cutting the long blade tip down
Ally Fins Ally Fins Review Medium Medium Medium-High Medium-High Individual Consider cutting the long blade tip down