What Are The Best Swim Fin Flippers For A Lifeguard Job?

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So you just landed a job as a lifeguard or looking into it and wondering what fins are suited the best for this job. When saving lives you will take your lifeguard gear very seriously.

Every second counts and coming up a second short or having your gear fail your means literally life and death. That is why they train so hard and have high standards and only select the best applicants.

What Are The Best Swim Fin Flippers For A Lifeguard Job 2

Some thing it is all fun and games, lounging in the sun or like a scene from Baywatch. Well Its not, motherf*ck*r, this is real bizness. Kidding, but really, very important that you have the best and are at the top of your game when doing this stuff. The following shows a few factors that make up the best fins that lifeguards trust on the job.

Comparison Chart

41MDuNiibUL. SL500
Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins – Black/Yellow – ML | Bodysurfing | Bodyboarding
31MTVlLhNXL. SL500
Churchill Makapuu Fins (Blue/Yellow) – Size: Large – Perfect for catching Waves, Whether Bodyboarding, Swimming, Travel fins, bodysurfing, Casual Swimmers or Tight Space Snorkeling ect.
51izrFCIRXL. SL500
Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins, Small, Green/Blue
Hydro TECH 2 Ocean Swim Fins – Select Color & Size (Black – Orange, Large)


What are the best swim fin flippers for a lifeguard job?This is obviously one of those jobs that heavily depends on safety and being safe on the job. You need a durable fin that can take a beating over the years in the sun, sand, rocks, big surf and then be there for you when it counts.

So what I mean is a fin that does not fall apart when in use and one that you can count on that is constructed and made to last. Just like any tool in their arsenal on the job like a life raft, jet ski, knife or jeep, their fins are an essential tool they use to get their job done as best they can.


This is probably the most important one. It needs to work, excellently! So it all comes down to how the swim flipper is designed. It needs to be strong, powerful, dependable and fast in order to save lives.


This fin needs to wear a lot of hats. It needs to be capable of lightning fast acceleration, long distance swims and everything in between.


Because you never know when a hotty might be checking you out.

I have been to beaches all over the world and there are only a few fins out there that cut it. There are only a few that I always see lifeguards use, thats why you know they are the best fins out there.

Top Fins Recommendations

Viper Fins

41MDuNiibUL. SL500

Vipers are very stiff, ridged and a powerhouse. They are not the most comfortable, probably the least, but they will get you moving.

Churchill Fins

31MTVlLhNXL. SL500

These are my favorite, at least for bodyboarding. They are good all around fin when it comes to power, function, maneuverability, style and comfort. You dont see these as much but they definitely use them.

Voit Duck Feet Fins

51izrFCIRXL. SL500

Duck are pretty old swim fins and they look old too but they work great, lifeguards use these and vipers the most. Both are long, narrow and have ribbed channels running down the fin for added grip on the water.

Hydro Tech Fins

They use these a lot in Australia, I have never seen any US lifeguards use these. The Australian helicopter rescue as well as lifeguards depend on the Hydro Tech Fin.

At least here in the States you see mostly Viper and Duck feet fins being used by lifeguards. All of these are made from 100% natural rubber.

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