What Are The Best Swim Fin Colors? What Swim Fins Colors Should I Get?

What Are The Best Swim Fin Colors? What Swim Fins Colors Should I Get?

Many people will start the fin buying selection process and notice how many different colors there are to choose from. Heck, many peoples decision buying process has a big factory on the color alone; forget the functionality of the fin!

First off, I would like to start by telling you something you probably don’t know about fins and this might help you in your decision-making. The color actually plays a role in the functionality of the fin. With most fins, black is the softest rubber and white is the most hard and brittle.

I don’t know why exactly that is but how they make them in the factories and the properties of the rubber does this. Ever notice why there aren’t too many fins that are white? It’s kind of a rare thing (although, yes, recently there have been models that have been coming out that are white).

So Black (softest) and white (hardest) are the two extremes and the colors in-between depend on where they are on the color spectrum. It is a fairly noticeable difference, not massive and not unnoticeable.

On to another factor: the coolness factor. Style, cool, looks good, whatever you wanted to call it you probably want to pick a pair of fins that don’t make you look like a retard out in the water. Here are my top picks as far as good color schemes:

Those are some of my top picks for fin colors but brands that you should look at that have a really good fin and great color choices are Stealth fins, Churchill fins and Limited Edition.


A great fin color that you are happy with and like can give you confidence in yourself and your abilities out in the water.

It is very much mental as it is physical. Also, it makes your riding look better just because you have colors that appeal to the eye.