Best Boogie Board Fins And Flippers?

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Comparison Chart

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Churchill Makapuu Swimfins – Green – ML
31sEvvyf3jL. SL500
U.S. Divers Shredder Surf II Body Boarding and Body Surfing Fin (Red, Large, 10-13)
41kHduU9DXL. SL500
AQUALUNG US Divers Trek Travel Fin (Medium, Men-7-10/Women-9-12)
41ZLs3eajkL. SL500
Voit Duck Feet Fins (Turquoise/Orange, Large)
41vbiEs8SKL. SL500
Tilos 3mm Waterproof Neoprene Fin Socks for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Watersports, Hiking & Many More (Gray, M)

If you are passionate about boogie boarding or are even new to the sport, you will need the proper equipment so you can make the most out of your experience.  When you are out in the open water, having the appropriate gear is essential to maximizing the enjoyment of your activity. 

Conversely, the wrong equipment or clothing can also work against you and make your experience a not so pleasant one.

One of the items which you will require while boogie boarding is fins, which will help immensely in catching waves and making the most of your time on the water.  If you are situated outside, the best boogie board fins will assist you in catching the waves before they spill over as they come in towards shore.

Best Boogie Board Fins And Flippers 2

In any sport, finding the right equipment is integral, and the same can be said for boogie board fins. While these may not be the most glamorous purchase you will make, a proper set of fins can immensely improve your experience when you are bodyboarding.

Also, if you are going to go a little further out from shore to catch the waves in water which is over your head, a boogie board with fins will be required if you expect to catch any waves at all.

There are many different boogie board fins on the market for your consideration.  Within this buying guide article, we closely examine several of the best ones and provide our recommendations.

We will provide you with essential information to educate yourself so you can make an informed decision as a consumer. The following are our picks for the best boogie board fins which exhibit top qualities:

Best Boogie Board Fins

Winner – Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

31MTVlLhNXL. SL500


  • Stiff rubber blade enhances kicking power for more speed
  • The soft rubber covering on foot provides complete comfort
  • Patented dolphin design offers supreme power and acceleration
  • Designed for maintaining full directional control
  • Ankle straps provide a secure fit, reducing the chance of having them come off
  • Made from 100% natural gum rubber
  • Stylish dual color design
  • Drain hole at the bottom for removing excess water, seaweed, and rocks
  • Full range of men’s sizes from 5-14.5
  • Variety of men’s sizes from 6.5-16

Having been around for quite a few decades, the Churchill brand is well known for having some of the best boogie board swim fins on the market.  The Makapuu model is their excellent flagship product which has been a top quality item for quite some time now.  As the old saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

These boogie board swim fins come in a two-color combination, with blue and yellow being the most common.  The company does try out different color combinations on an annual basis; therefore, you may have the option to select other colors.  Regardless of the color, all Makapuu boogie board fins are the same high quality.

When a fin is manufactured, the darker color rubber is softer, and the lighter color is harder.  In this case, the blue foot pocket color provides comfort for your foot, and the lighter yellow rubber blade is stiffer, providing a more powerful thrust.  As a result, black fins are the softest and white ones are the hardest, which explains why you will not see too many white fins.

The Churchill Makapuu Swim Fins (and all Churchill models for that matter) are constructed from an extremely high quality 100% natural gum rubber which floats.  Therefore, for retrieval purposes, if your fins come off, you can easily spot them floating on top of the water, so they do not sink.  They are also made in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Each fin and all its parts are designed for your left and right foot.  Everything about these fins including the blades, heel straps, and foot pockets are made, so they best fit either the left or right foot.  The fins are also labeled “left” or “right” so you place them on the proper foot.

To remove seaweed, rocks and excess water, there is a round drain hole situated at the center bottom of each fin.  This feature works well and is very helpful in keeping out unwanted elements. 

The Makapuus are known as a medium power fin which provides exceptional comfort.  In addition to providing quick acceleration, these stylish boogie board fins are well balanced when it comes to size, maneuverability, and weight.

For all that they offer, the Makapuus are also very affordable, ranging in price from $45-$50.  You can check out boogie board fins Amazon for more information.

Runner Up – U.S Divers Shredder Surf II Swim Fins

31sEvvyf3jL. SL500


  • Swim fins designed for bodyboarders, body surfers, and snorkelers
  • Designed for greater power and speed
  • Dual-composite blade cups channel the water for more power
  • Adjustable foot strap, soft foot pocket, and built-in leash system
  • Available in sizes S, M, L/XL

Coming in a close second to the Churchill Makapuu swim fins, are the U.S. Divers Shredder II Body Boarding & Body Surfing Fins.  Being compact, these are some of the best boogie board fins available.  They have a stylish and functional design which enhances their overall appeal and value.

Designed to provide acceleration, power, and speed while conserving your energy, the Divers Shredder II stand out from the crowd with their dual composite blade.

This helps to cup and channel the water efficiently, making them ideal for not only bodyboarding and surfing, but also for snorkeling while being used as travel fins.

Additional features include an adjustable foot strap, soft foot pocket for comfort and a built-in leash system.  This permits these boogie board fins to fit comfortably for all types of foot shapes.  This innovative design also ensures that the Shredder II fins will not float away if they come off from impact by a big wave.

This model comes in a metallic red color and is available in sizes S (4-7), M (7-10) and l/XL (10-13).  They are very reasonably priced at anywhere from $35-$45.  A boogie board fins amazon search can assist in your efforts to locate a good deal.   

Alternatives – U.S Divers Trek Travel Fin

41kHduU9DXL. SL500


  • Lightweight and compact length for travel
  • Special quad flex rail system for channeling water
  • Extreme comfort with a soft and flexible foot pocket
  • Foot strap is adjustable for the perfect fit
  • High level of propulsion with outstanding snap
  • Item weight 2.95 lbs.

Sometimes, depending on your preference, bigger is not better – and this too can apply to boogie board fins.  Since people often travel with their swim fins to their beach destination, a more compact and lighter swim fin is sometimes preferred. 

Of course, due to today’s advanced technological designs, you do not have to sacrifice performance from your swim fin.

With its modest size and lightweight feel, this U.S Divers Trek Travel Fin is ideal to take with you on your next vacation on the shore.  This model features a stiff snap which makes it capable of effectively delivering a mighty stroke with each kick.

In addition to excelling in their performance, the pocket of the Trek Travel Fin is very soft and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your outing in the water for an extended period of time.  It also features an adjustable heel strap which provides an accurate fit.  All these factors play a key role in the performance of the product.

This model also features a quad flex rail system for channeling water through, allowing you to accelerate quicker and conserving energy while you do so.  There is also a mesh bag that is included which helps keep the fins safely tucked away when traveling with them.  Finally, they come in a range of different colors and are affordably priced from $25-$40.

Alternatives – Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins

41ZLs3eajkL. SL500


  • Dual density rubber construction
  • Soft rubber foot pocket for optimum comfort
  • Stiff blade for greater propulsion and acceleration with less effort
  • Capable of floating, so they are easily retrieved if they come off
  • Available in sizes XXS-XXL

Dating back well over half a century, the Voit Duck Feet Fins were well ahead of their time as far as swim fins go.  These are not only used as boogie board swim fins, but they are also utilized by lifeguards for training and rescue missions.  Other water enthusiasts such as spearfishermen also use this model of swim fins when they are diving.

Constructed from high-quality rubber, the Duck Feet Fins are available in two different types of densities.  The softer rubber surrounds the foot pocket, providing comfort and an excellent all-around fit.  The fin blade is made of the harder rubber, providing you with excellent propulsion and a considerable amount of efficiency.

The Duck Feet Swim Fins do not require a substantial amount of effort to provide acceleration and power.  With every thrust, these boogie board fins are expertly engineered to eradicate torque, making sure that you do not strain your leg muscles.  They optimize your performance and are ideal for swimming at a fast rate of speed.

There are two round drain holes situated at the bottom of these swim fins which remove rocks, seaweed, and excess water. These boogie board swim fins come in an assortment of stylish colors, providing you the option of selecting those which suit your personal preference.  If you are looking for performance, these swim fins may be worth a try.

Best Boogie Board Socks

Tilos 3mm Waterproof Fin Socks

41vbiEs8SKL. SL500


  • Made from incredibly durable and stretchable Nylon II neoprene
  • Keeps feet warm with 3 mm neoprene
  • Seams are glued together reducing the entry of water
  • The bottom is made from honeycomb silkscreen for traction
  • Blind-stitched seams
  • Excellent liner for hiking or hunting boots

Ideal for all kinds of watersports which require swim fins, the Tilos Neoprene Fin Socks is the newest generation in water shoes with a minimalist design.  The upper section of these fin socks is made from a unique ventilated neoprene, which provides thermal protection without feeling uncomfortable.

Other features include a tatex rubber sole which has vents to permit water to flow through freely.  At the same time, it keeps out sand and provides a substantial amount of comfort.  There is a refreshing barefoot feeling to these technologically advanced fin socks, as they do not have a midsole.  

This makes this product ideal for surfing or boogie boarding.  Another useful feature of the tatex rubber is that it prevents your feet from burning while walking on hot surfaces, such as hot sand.

These socks have been designed to be worn with your existing footwear.  They will keep your feet warm (even in wet conditions) while you are scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, boogie boarding or hiking.

The hemmed ankle is useful in keeping out debris and sand, and the unique flatlock stitching prevents hot spots and friction points.  The sole provides you with a true and sure-footed feel, reducing slippage even on wet surfaces.

Why It’s Important To Have A Decent Flipper For Boogie Boarding

When you boogie board with swim fins or flippers, it is vital that you use a quality product which will help you get the most enjoyment from your activity.  The fins offer an added advantage that your bare feet cannot provide, regardless of how great a swimmer you are.

Quality fins allow you to go further out quicker so that you can get on a wave before it breaks as it is coming toward the shore.  With large waves which are over your head, swim fins are required so you can correctly position yourself to catch that perfect wave.

Swim fins also provide a level of efficiency and safety while you are in the water.  They allow you to save your energy and swim faster and further in case you experience any unforeseen circumstances.

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing Your Boogie Boarding Fins

As we have highlighted during our review of the best boogie board fins, there are several features to examine closely when selecting the best swim fins for your particular needs.  It is essential to determine what you will be using the flippers for and then go from there.

For example, one of the biggest things is the acceleration and propulsion they provide while simultaneously conserving energy on the effort that is required. A good quality fin will have a stiff snap which will not only give you power, but also a level of control which you desire.

Another important feature is comfort and ease of use.  A quality boogie board fin will have a soft rubber foot pocket which will keep your feet comfortable.  Along these lines, it is also important that the strap restraint provides a snug fit which prevents the fins from coming off under normal conditions.

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing Your Boogie Boarding Fins

It is also a plus if the fins have a drainage system to eliminate sand, rocks, seaweed and allow the water to properly channel through.  If you are a stickler for swim fins which are best designed for your left and right foot, then you should look into fins which have this feature.

In contrast, there are several models which can be worn on either foot and do not provide this level of customization.

Also, if you plan on taking your boogie board fins on trips or if you often travel with them, it may be a good idea to pick up a model which is more compact and lighter.  This will make your life much easier when having to pack for that trip.

If you live near the water and do not plan to travel too far for your water sports, then larger swim fins may be in order.  Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference.    


Of course, the size of your swim fins is also something which requires the necessary attention.  Since you would not buy a pair of shoes which are not your size, then the same holds true for swim fins. 

Many of the models offer sizes ranging from x-small to x-large; therefore, you do have options.  Gone are the days when you had to rely on a one size fits all model – or something similar to it.

The proper size ensures that you will be most productive during your water sports and that your feet will be comfortable.  If the fins are too small, they can constrain your feet and cause discomfort, and if they are too large, they can flop around or come off, making you lose control. Remember, size does matter.

How Often Do You Use Boogie Board

Another issue which you may want to consider when selecting swim fins is the frequency of your boogie board activity.  This can play a role in the type of product you end up picking for your fun in the water.

How Often Do You Use Boogie Board

If you are an avid boogie boarder who is out there very often, then it is best that you look for swim fins which are constructed from high quality material and are durable.  A lower quality model will not be able to handle the constant use, and they may end up losing their shape or having their material compromised.

Conversely, if you are someone who only goes boogie boarding once in a while (like only when on vacation), then you may want to consider a more economical model of swim fins which will do the job when called upon.  There is no sense in purchasing an expensive high-end model if they will end up sitting in your closet most of the time.


With regards to material composition, the rubber on boogie board fins is usually made of two different densities.  The material surrounding the foot pocket is often a softer rubber, while the harder or stiffer rubber is reserved for the blade area.

This only makes sense since the soft rubber provides a level of comfort for your feet and the harder rubber allows for better performance in propulsion.  Usually, the darker color the rubber is, the softer it is.

It is also essential that your swim fins are constructed from a buoyant material which and also keeps them from getting swept away and being carried a long distance by the surf.  This will assist immensely during the odd time they come off due to a wipeout from a large wave.  A common material which is used is gum rubber, as it is durable and of good quality.


Another aspect to selecting swim fins is the level of control you can exert while swimming with them.


The best boogie board fins are compact in size and lightweight, as they do not interfere significantly with your activity.  The more compact fins are also easier to control so you can maneuver your way around easier when getting set to ride those waves. 

You may want to pay attention to the fin’s design, such as the channeling and drainage of water, to determine how effective they are in providing optimum control.

Before You Start To Boogie Board

So you are just getting into boogie boarding (really it’s called bodyboarding) or you’ve been doing it for a little bit and wondering what are the best boogie boarding fins around for you to rip on. I like it, time to step your game up, possibly even bring it to an A game level, and start shredding the gnar. Well, I am the grand Puba OG so you are listening to the best there is.

So whats the difference between all these boogie boarding flippers any-who? A lot, so listen up. The proper wording would be “bodyboarding fins” and if you start calling them by the proper names you will immediately bring your game up to a B+ level.

Refuse to do that and stick by the old “fins for boogie boarding” or “boogie board fins” then you will stay at a kook-fart level.


A bit more on your wording, here are some common phrases people will use I and have corrected it with the right phrase on the right of it.

Kook-Fart Level

A-Game Level

Boogie board flippers
Bodyboard fins
Boogie board surfing
How to boogie board
How to bodyboard
Surf boogie board
Bodyboard flippers
Bodyboard fins

Best Boogie Boarding Flippers

Ok enough of that, on to the best fins to bodyboard with. There are a few things to look at when selecting a pair of fins.


is big so that the design works will with your surfing, maneuverability and on the water.


some fins just come off as more stylish than others and it makes you look better just wearing some of these fins.


the longer and stuffer the fin blade the more powerful it will be, the down side is that some of the more powerful fins can be uncomfortable, its best to get a medium all-around fin.

What are the best boogie board fins and flippers?

Don’t wear these, kook fart.

How To Bodyboard

If you are also interested in how to bodyboard, anything from the basics like how to paddle, duck-dive and catch a wave to intermediate tricks like spins, rolls, ARS to really advanced moves like how to backflip and invert then I have some underground stealth archives for you.


Within this buying guide, we have reviewed several models of boogie board fins to determine which ones are best suited for your purposes.

Since swim fins can be utilized in a variety of ways (scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, boogie boarding, body surfing and others), it is vital that you examine how you will be using yours before making an educated and informed decision.

Swim fins have come a long way since their invention over 70 years ago, with technological advances being key to the evolution of the product. 

If you are serious about your watersports, such as boogie boarding, the right swim fins can increase your enjoyment and skill level.  So what are you waiting for?  Get yourself a pair of swim fins and go out there and catch the big wave. 

Thank you for reading through our review guide, and we hope that it has provided all of the needed info. Feel free to leave a comment so we can know what you think.

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