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Swimming is a great sport that offers numerous health benefits for you and your child. However, with time, aimlessly swimming around the pool can get monotonous and well, plain old boring. Fortunately, you can keep your kids engaged by stocking up on pool toys and games.

The pool is a great place to develop your child’s motor, coordination and socialization skills. Using pool toys is a great way to challenge your kid’s abilities in a creative, fun and interactive way.

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Swim Thru Rings are vertical, collapsible floating rings that are designed to test your child’s agility in the pool. What’s best is that you can conveniently adjust the air chambers connected to each ring and alter its depth. Plus since each pack contains 3 colorful rings, you have plenty to get started with.

Whether your kid is a novice or likes to spend most of his free time at the pool, Swim Tru Rings is the perfect investment. These rings are perfect for aquatic games and tournaments, not to mention it is sure to keep your kids occupied for a couple of hours. Here are some notable features of this product:

  • Fun and Exciting to Use: These rings are the perfect way to spice up your swimming routine while testing aquatic athleticism. Whether you are budding swimmer or an expert, these rings will turn your ordinary swimming routine into an engrossing sport. These rings can be used for tournaments or aquatic recreation.
  • Adjust to the Desired Depth: Alter the depth of the rings by adjusting the air chambers. This makes the rings more exciting to use plus you can alter the level of difficulty according to your child’s level of expertise.
  • Cute Design: The rings are decorated with cute turtle and fish. What more could you want?

What Others Say

The Swim Thru Rings has received good reviews on Amazon. According to customers, the product is suited for swimmers of all skill levels. Many buyers were happy with the quality of the product and said that it is great to keep the kids entertained. Customers agreed that the product was highly durable since it was enclosed in vinyl tape.

Buying Advice

You can buy the Swim Thru Rings Cap on Amazon at a discounted rate of about $15 with almost 30% off. Each pack contains 3 rings in 3 colors: green, blue and red. To learn more about deals and discounts, check out the brand’s official website. You can also purchase the product from eBay and Toy Gamer.


Over all, the Swim Thru Rings is a great buy. Buyers agreed it is a fun way to keep the kids occupied and get them to learn swimming. You can conveniently alter the size and it is big enough to accommodate most adults too.

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