Voit Duck Feet Fins

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Duck Feet fins have been around since the beginning of time.

Well basically, the beginning of people going out in the ocean to dive, scuba and stuff like that.

Voit swim fins disappeared from the scene but are back and now offer a fin more current with the times.

Voit Duck Feet

51izrFCIRXL. SL500

Ive seen a few bodyboarders wear this fin out in the water. They are long and narrow while most bodyboard fins are a bit wider and shorter.

If you bodyboard and are interested in these fins I would also check out Viper fins because they are similar. I have review all five models that Viper makes. It is a similar design, narrow and long, but a bit more ridged.

This fin is more current than the original and is meant to bodyboard, kneeboard, and bodysurf with. I would not recommend doing so with the original fin because it is too long and ridged.

Voit UDT

The UDT stands for Underwater Demolition Team. They are used by many professional watermen like Navy Seals, lifeguards and surf and open ocean rescue.

These are meant more for diving, spearfishing, scuba, snorkeling etc. The side ridges go all the way down to the end of the blade making this fin very strong and ridged. The newer model does not have this feature making it better for water sports.

With the company coming back they have made a change to the rubber. Voit improved it by specific loading of the material to make it the most responsive and powerful fin yet.

If you are interested in getting these fins, you can buy these here.

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