Typhoon T-Jet Kids Fin (Open Heel) Review

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Typhoon T-Jet Kids Fin (Open Heel) ReviewYour kids swimming experience is bound to be improved by the new Typhoon T-Jet Kids fins. Your kids will love these!

These extremely stylish and comfortable kids open-heel snorkeling fin will add more power to your kids’ kicks and they will move faster and effortlessly in the water. The open heel makes it all the more comfortable on your kids’ foot. They will not feel too tight and their feet will have some breathing room.

Typhoon T Jet Kids Fin Open Heel Review 2

These flippers are a good length (about 28 inches), which is great for any carry-on bag. However, many parents have found them too short for snorkeling but the design is definitely meant to improve speed. Their wide design makes them easy to paddle through the water is being pushed back with every stroke.

The T-Jet Kids Fin is also extremely light, so your kids will not feel uncomfortable wearing them. They come with an adjustable foot hold. This is the best feature of these new fins!

Although the strap is made of hard plastic, it is long lasting and it will not leave them with blisters or sores after swimming. The fins even have an extra insert for smaller feet. They come in kids’ sizes 9- 13.

The Typhoon fin is designed with comfort in mind. It also comes with a soft rubber foot pocket. This makes it comfortable for the foot so when stepping on stones or other hard surfaces.

This open heeled fin comes in two colors blue and yellow. They are made of a quality material, are strong and flexible, and are easy to move around with in the water. The lightness of the material also improves ankle flexibility which in turn improves the power of the kick.

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Typhoon Company created the ideal fin for training, swimming and snorkeling. Your kids will surely agree.

These fins are affordable, costing about $19.97- $24.98. The shipping and delivery is quick which means you will be able to satisfy your little one even sooner! You can buy them online or you can take a short trip to your local swim goods store to buy them.

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