Swimming With Fins

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Did you know that FINIS is the place to go when you are looking for high quality aquatic equipment? Other people have already joined the FINIS family by purchasing the fine products we make. Swimming is an enjoyable sport, whether done in the ocean, a lake or your own pool. Add in FINIS swimming fins and you can have a fun workout every time you enter the water.

The Benefits Of Swimming With Fins

  • Works core muscles
  • Develops powerful kicks.
  • ​Excellent training tool for all types of strokes.
  • ​Flexible to increase range of motion.
  • Foot pockets made of 100{44f15d6451fca04ca96eb6ec7feaae70ee5f01c229b484182d075e2a1ca22e09} rubber
  • Comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

Swimming Fin

Swimming fin are worn for a variety of activities: swimming, various types of underwater diving, body boarding, body surfing, underwater hockey, underwater rugby and a variety of other water events. People seem to invent new ways to use swimming fins. Nothing beats gliding through the water as if you were a fish and born to be there.


FINIS has designed seven different styles of Monofins: the Foil (promotes equal use of entire body learning dolphin kick), Wave (youth sized to teach the dolphin kick), Shooter (ideal for perfecting the butterfly kick), Trainer 1 (designed for serious swimmers, works the abs, lower back, quads and gluteus) , Trainer 2 (stiffer blade compared to Trainer 1 and works the same parts) and the Competitor (excellent for all water sports enthusiasts, creates a whip like action at the end of the kick) share a spot with the ever popular Mermaid Fin (a fun toy fin designed to teach the dolphin kick). Everyone wants to swim like a dolphin or a mermaid. Monofins are the perfect swimming fin for the powerful butterfly kick, and for proper propulsion across the water.

Swimming With Fins 2

Recreational Fins

Recreational fins are mainly straight fins made of soft rubber. These swimming fins are made for having fun in the pool or wherever you want to swim. They will help with proper techniques, but are often not designed for any specific strokes. Swimming with fins should first be fun, however, learning proper swimming techniques makes the experience exceptional.

Swimming With Fins 3

FINIS’ Mermaid Fin is one such recreational fin. It looks pretty and children love it. However, this fin does help children learn to do the basic dolphin kick and gives them added confidence in the water.

Diving Fins

Diving fins vary as to the sport. There are full foot fins that are compact and prefect for snorkelers. Long blade fins create greater thrust and faster speed. Adjustable strap fins are the preferred swimming fin for scuba divers because of their greater versatility. Many FINIS swimming fins are also excellent diving fins.

Training Fins

FINIS offer five different styles of training fins: the Z2 Gold Zoom (targets your hamstrings and glutes), the Zoomer’s Gold (boosts cardiovascular conditioning and accelerate speed during workouts), the Zoomer’s Fit (floats the legs for proper body position), The Positive Drive (great for training the Individual Medley event) and the Long Floating Fin (floating fins that can be used in any body of water and will never sink). Each is designed to offer the best experience while learning (or perfecting) various swimming strokes.

Swimming With Fins 4

In Conclusion

Swimming with fins won’t make you a professional swimmer, but they will enhance your pleasure in the water. FINIS has the equipment you need to have fun, make speed and most of all – make memories.

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