What Swim Fins To Pick For Kids

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Teaching young children to swim is one of the most valuable lessons one can leave behind. Whether you live close to the water or not, the benefits of this sport in terms of endurance, discipline and self-awareness are significant.

Part of learning how to swim and joining a swim team involves getting the right equipment, including appropriate swim fins for kids.

Comparison Chart

Gintenco Swim Fins, Swim Training Fins for Snorkeling Swimming Diving, Floating Fins Comfortable Swim Flippers Travel Size with Bag for Adults Men Women Kids
41b47RYUbQL. SL500
Flow Short Blade Swim Fins for Swimming Pool Lap Training – Youth Sizes (XXS 1-3 (Orange))
411V3pjn2EL. SL500
FINIS Long Floating Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling , Black/Red , XL (US Male 9-11 / US Female 10-12)
41U+aPaJMnL. SL500
Cressi Light Swimming Fins (Made in Italy), Blue, 4/5 UK (37/38 EU)
41swUU479jL. SL500
Comfecto Swim Flippers Short Floating Training Fins Size XS for Big Kids Youth Woman Girls Age 8-12 Years Old, Thermoplastic Rubber Swimming Dive Fin for Scuba Diving Snorkel Watersport, Rose Red

Best Swim Fins for Kids: Reviews

Gintenco Swim Fins

The Gintenco swim fins have a short, wide blade that is easy on leg muscles and works with your body’s natural swimming motion. Wide blades provide more thrust with every kick, while short blades feel more natural and are easier for kids to use.

In addition, these swim fins have side rails that help improve technique by deriving propulsion from the hips, not the knees.

Gintenco swim fins have an open-toe design that reduces drag and prevents chafing and an open-ankle design that provides a snug, comfortable fit that is soft and easy to wear. They are made of flexible silicone with dual-channel drainage.

The sole has 3D grains to provide traction and prevent slipping when walking in the fins. They make it easy and natural to learn to swim, engage your muscles, and improve your health.

 Gintenco offers these fins in small sizes and in bright, kid-friendly colors, including black, green, green-gray, light blue, light blue-gray, navy blue, navy blue-gray, navy blue, yellow, pink rose, and yellow-green.

  • Great for learning to swim with good body mechanics
  • Make swimming and practice more fun with improved speed and comfort
  • Comfortable and natural to use
  • Toe opening may be uncomfortable for adult feet
  • Fins do not float, which is better for natural swimming but may mean that kids lose them

Flow Short Blade Swim Fins

41b47RYUbQL. SL500

The Flow Short Blade swim fins are made of high-quality rubber with a nonslip tread on the bottom to improve safety when poolside and help push-offs and turns.

The short blades improve thrust while still allowing a natural, flutter-type swimming motion that doesn’t slow down your swimming pace. In addition, these fins help to build leg strength and improve body positioning while swimming or learning to swim.

The Flow Short Blade swim fins float, so they help support the body at a better angle when swimming, and they are also easier to find and harder to lose when playing in the water. In addition, the closed heel helps to improve form by reducing hyper-flexion in the feet.

These fins come in color-coded, kid-friendly sizes, so aqua is xx-small, red is x-small, orange is small, blue is small, green is small, and yellow is medium. These sizes also fit adult feet up to men’s/boys 7-9, and women’s/girls 9-11.

  • Short blades support natural swimming motion and build leg strength
  • Textured bottom improves safety and grip
  • Buoyant fins improve body positioning and reduce accidental loss of the fins
  • Color-coded sizing means that you can’t get the size you want in the color you want, which may be less appealing for some kids

FINIS Long Floating Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling

411V3pjn2EL. SL500

Short fin blades are perfect for a natural, flutter-kick motion and can help kids more easily learn to swim. Long blades require a slower, more even kicking action that is better for training and improving strength.

The long blade design of the FINIS floating fins provides more resistance in the water, building leg strength while providing more forward propulsion. They improve technique by teaching swimmers to kick from their hips, rather than from their knees, with a long hydrodynamic blade that lifts legs for more propulsive kicks.

In addition, FINIS’ long fins are buoyant, which holds the body in the correct swimming position, and makes the fins easier to find if they accidentally fall in the water.

The FINIS long floating fins are designed to improve leg strength and speed, improving form and cardiovascular conditioning even for experienced swimmers. The natural rubber construction is soft and flexible, with a secure and comfortable fit, and they have a closed heel design that protects the ankles from hyperflexion.

They come in color-coded sizes, so xxxx-small is blue/purple, xxx-small is blue/lime green, xx-small is blue/orange, x-small is blue/yellow, small is red/black, medium is red/blue, large is red/gray, x-large is black/red, and xx-large is black/green. They are backed by a 30-day limited warranty.

  • Improve swimming technique by correcting body positioning
  • Provides improved forward propulsion
  • Floats to improve form and prevent accidental loss
  • Not all kids will like color-coded sizing
  • Some people feel that the sizing charts aren’t accurate

Cressi Short Full Foot Pocket Fins for Swimming

41U+aPaJMnL. SL500

Cressi’s Short Full Foot Pocket swim fins are lightweight and can be used for recreational swimming or snorkeling but are optimized for swim training in a pool. The short blade is made of lightweight, reactive material that improves efficiency, so you can swim without tiring your legs.

In addition, the blade length is optimized for excellent muscle training without cramps or discomfort, backed by Cressi’s decades of experience and expertise in swimming and diving equipment.

The Cressi Short Full Foot Pocket fins have an anatomically designed foot pocket made from soft rubber elastomers for excellent comfort without chafing or rubbing. These fins improve leg strength and flexibility, body motion and position, and help to improve racing technique by promoting a faster kick.

They are also lightweight and flexible, so they are perfect for travel. They are available in kid sizes 11/13 and standard shoe sizes for adults. They come in black, blue, white, white/black, and yellow and are backed by a 2-year warranty.

  • Designed to improve strength and form while swimming
  • Combined light weight and great performance for versatile use
  • Excellent design and features at an affordable price
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Some people feel the sizing chart isn’t accurate
  • Limited range of kid’s sizes

Comfecto Short Floating Training Swim Fins for Youth

41swUU479jL. SL500

The Comfecto Short swim fins are designed for swim training for kids 8 and over, improving comfort and safety in the water. They are made of flexible, lightweight thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. They have a nonslip sole that provides grip when walking poolside or when pushing off, improving safety.

In addition, these swim fins have a secure ankle design that adds comfort and promotes good form in the water, with an orthopedic foot pocket that provides maximum comfort and control. They are also compact and lightweight, making them perfect for trace.

The Comfecto Short Training swim fins improve swimming speed and confidence in the water and promote proper swimming technique without discomfort. These fins come with fin pads that keep the foot pocket in the correct shape when not in use, so they should be stored with the fin pads inserted.

After every use, the fins should be cleaned to increase their durability and towel-dried after cleaning to protect the material. They come in xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large sizes and blue or rose-red colors.

  • Comfortable and safe swim fins for learning and training
  • Secure ankle design and textured sole for safety
  • Lightweight and easy portability for travel
  • It could be a challenge to fit properly
  • Only come in two colors

The Benefits Of Fins For Kids

The benefits of fins for kids are many and include the following:

  • Greater speed and propulsion
  • Increased flexibility
  • Optimal cardio-vascular workouts
  • Development and strengthening of major muscle groups
  • Support in developing and excelling at specific strokes

Best Swim Fins For Kids

When selecting the best fins for kids it is important to consult with the swimming instructor before deciding on a pair. Depending of the focus of the practice (training, perfecting a stroke, greater speed, etc.) the fin selected may vary. Overall, the best fins for beginners are those with a shorter length, but other goals may require specific features.

Kids Surfing Fins

Surfing fins such as Churchill, Limited Edition and Supers fins are available for the younger crowd. Churchill fins are made of 100% natural gum rubber, which makes for a comfortable fit, all while providing more power. They are ideal for beginners. The Limited Edition fins were created in Australia and are very similar in design to the Churchill fins, with the exception of available colors.

Kids Surfing Fins

Limited Editions have a wider variety of cool colors to pick from. The Supers Fins, also from Australia, resemble the Churchills but with an added bar from the foot and through the blade, which allows for added power.

Kids Swim Fins

Slightly different from surfing fins, the kids swim fins focus on the initial stages. The FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin is a fantastic option for beginners. They are short enough to ensure propulsion without affecting the natural flow of swimming. Adjustable with Velcro and available in pink and blue (shark), they are a great option for younger swimmers.

Kids Swim Fins

The FINIS Jr. Floating Fins help increase speed and leg strength due to its length and hydrodynamic blade. It is a great option for all ages. Finally, the FINIS Fishtail Junior Fins provide great comfort for younger children and encourage proper posture for new swimmers.

In Conclusion

Regardless of the level of expertise your young one may have, fins are available for him or her. Swim fins are designed to reinforce the goals to be reached including increased speed, ankle and joint flexibility, endurance, strengthening of abdominal muscles and many others.

It is important to speak to the child’s instructor about the recommended set of fins and how they will be used in further developing the desired skills. Comfort and durability are very important when selecting fins for your children.

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