Stealth Fins Review

Stealth Fins Review

Stealth fins are an excellent alterative to Churchill fins and have a great variety to choose from.

Ally, Limited Edition, Freedom and Supers fins have also based their design of Churchills with some modifications. But I think theses are the best knock-offs out of the group and they have some great colors for their fins.

Stealth as a company is branching out and creating different product lines like bodyboard bags, bodyboards, and leashes as well as an impressive pro team.

Stealth Classic Fins

These are the first model they came out with.

It is a great fin but I would recommend the other two models over this one because of the drain system.

Stealth Classic Fins

The Classic Stealth fin shares a weakness that Churchills have and that is the drain hole. It is in the middle of the fin pocket so your toes can get stuck in that hole (yes this really happens and it can be painful).

Features include:

  • The drain hole lets unwanted contents out, though, not as optimal as the next two models
  • This fin is make from 100% Malaysian rubber
  • ​The dolphin-like blade is similar to Churchills and excellent in managing comfort, power and style
  • There is a left and right designated fin for added customization to fit naturally to your foot

Stealth S2 Fins

The Stealth 2 swimfins is the second installment and it was received very well. The new drainage system is a huge plus and having a straight angled blade is a new twist on an old classic design.

Some of the team riders have their own signature S2 fin including Jake Stone, Joe Clarke, Dave Winchester, Ben Player and Pierre Louis Costes.

This is an excellent fin and I would definitely recommend it.

Features include:

  • Specifically designed asymmetric foot pockets make it very comfy for your feet for long swimming or surf sessions and in all weather or water temperature conditions.
  • The new straight angled fin blade brings you the powerful dolphin like feet with a smooth new feel to it.
  • 100% floating Malaysian rubber. This is the best type of rubber out there to make fins, hands down.
  • The ankle straps are contoured to fit your ankle and feel like the fin is part of your foot.
  • ​The new jet vent drain system is exactly what the new evolution of fins needed. It optimal for all contents to leave the fins foot pocket and not get your toes stuck in the hole like previous designs.
  • The three Rail Ridges (next to the drain system) maximize evenly distributed power throughout the fin.

Stealth S3 Fins

The Steath S3 fin is their latest installment. I believe this to be their best one yet. It has two drain holes on the bottom of the foot pocket like the S2 but they are bigger, making them better, they seemed a little too small on the S2. Also, they have the classic dolphin-like fin angle, which I think is the best.

The two current models are the Ryan Hardy that comes in blue/gold and the Nick Gornall that comes in black/midnight purple.

This fin is basically a Churchill fin with the drain hole on the bottom of the foot pocket in stead of in the center. This is the only improvement I saw that needed to be changed for Churchill fins so I give this fin two thumbs up!

Churchill HUBB Fins Review

I would personally buy and rock these fins myself so out of all the fins out there I would choose these if I didnt wear Churchills!

Features include:

  • Rubber ankles straps designed to naturally contour your ankle.
  • Angled side rails to provide more strength and thrust power throughout the whole fin.
  • Traction pattern on the bottom of the foot pocket for tred on slippery surfaces.
  • 100% Malaysian rubber that floats. This is the best rubber/ material to be used on fins.
  • Perfect drain system.

If you are interested in getting these fins, you can buy them here.