SportCount Chrono, Lap Counter, Timer and Stop Watch Review

SportCount Chrono, Lap Counter, Timer and Stop Watch Review

Timing is everything! If you are interested in learning more information about the different options that are available to track your hard-earned progress, this review is for you.

SportCount Chrono 100 (90000)

SportCount Chrono 100 (90000)The SportCount Chrono 100 (90000) is a basic time counter model but it has a few appealing elements.

The counter itself can be used to record laps, which is important for competitive swimmers. The counter also provides a clear digital readout. Stay tuned because SportCount is securing projects for different time tracking devices in the future.

SportCount Chrono

SportCount Lap Counter & Timer (LCT) (90010)

SportCount Lap Counter & Timer (LCT) (90010)If the basic model shown above is not enough for you, you may want to try the SportCount Lap Counter & Timer (LCT) (90010). It includes hands free operation, is much easier than manually tracking swim times/distances.

It also includes a full one year warranty, which will add to its overall appeal for many people out there. It can even help swimmers understand the different types of lap times that they can get when they use lap counter and timer.

SportCount Lap Counter & Timer

SportCount LapCounter (90040)

SportCount LapCounter (90040)The SportCount Lap Counter (90040) is another device is convenient and easy for dedicated swimmers.

It can be easily gripped in the palm of the hand, and can be compared to the size of a thumb!

It will gives detailed readout of the swim laps; however, it is not used to track or count down seconds like the previous LapCounter and Timer.

SportCount LapCounter

SportCount Stopwatch(90030)

SportCount Stopwatch(90030)For those swimmers looking to get an accurate count of their time, they likely need to upgrade to the SportCount Stopwatch(90030). They will still be able to get an impressive readout of their digital time when they opt to use this device.

It is highly accurate, unlike other stopwatches. This is a prized investment that many coaches and players use, especially in the Olympics. This model will be upgraded soon, and will have many color options for consumers to choose from.

SportCount Stopwatch

Pool-Mate Pro (91000)

Pool-Mate Pro (91000)The Pool-Mate Pro (91000) is the ultimate device that people can use to monitor their time and swim laps while practicing.

They can use this device to accurately record their time and save the information for later. There will even be a USB drive can be used to charge, save, and download swim progress.

Swimovate PoolMate2