Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins Review

Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins Review

The Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fin has been tried and tested and the results are in these fins are top notch! Many professionals and amateurs rave about these fins. They are also very reasonable as far as the price goes, especially compared to some other training fins out in the marketplace.


They are made out of 100% soft-coated silicon that is incredibly soft on your feet and most people wouldnt need fin socks. The silicon makes the fins very light and responsive.

Another side benefit of this material is that it is resilient to the sun and pool chemicals. And dont worry, this silicon material is environmentally friendly, no part of the fin is made from anything like latex.

Speedo Biofuse Swim


There are two parts to this Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins fin, and the parts are color coated for easy accessibility! They offer several different colors paired with the grey foot pocket, which is the stiffer part.

So its soft where your foot is and hard where the fin blade is, makes sense right? The blade is hard for thrusting power. They have grips on the bottom of the fin so you wont slip around the wet pool edges and the blade is fairly small which makes them comfortable because they have a lower power compared to fins with longer blades (which are are more powerful and can hurt more).


They are a medium-power thrust, which helps for training to work on your speed and power out in the water. It has a closed heel and open toe. This training helps improve leg strength and ankle flexibility. Such Pro athletes like Liam Tancock use the Biofuse Swim Training Fin.

 Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins

They can be used to train for technique and speed development. The short blade makes them a great training tool. The super powerful long bladed fin could possibly injure yourself because of how powerful the fin is.


It is an absolute great training fin, Speedo is known for their great products and this one definitely delivers. You wont be let down with this excellent fin, buy yours today!