Shark SwimFin (Assorted Colors)

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Shark SwimFin

The Shark Swimfin is a fun design that helps young swimmers when learn to swim while looking like a cool shark! The fin floats and needs to be attached to the individuals back via the straps that can be found at the bottom of the fin.

When the swim fin is attached to the swimmer it will submerge, keeping the swimmer afloat at all times, whilst simultaneously making them look like a colorful shark!

The Shark Swimfin product can be used as a replacement to the popular but often annoying armbands, but will mostly suit confident swimmers.

The swim fin sits on the back and therefore can either be used by the swimmer or can act as a safety option for when the swimmer feels as though they are sinking when they cannot stroke anymore.

It works very well as a device that will not get in the way of the swimmer.

There is hardly any restriction when the Swim fin is in use. The device also needs no setting up before hand and can be used straight away.

Kids wearing swimfin swimfloat


The expanded polyethylene material of the swim fin supports the individual as much as they need.

If the swimmer needs more support, the fin will float better and give the support that is needed. If the swimmer is able to swim without any additional help, the fin will simply sit on the back of the swimmer and act as a fun additional element.

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