SeaSpecs Review Sports Sun Glasses For Water And Ocean Sports

SeaSpecs Review Sports Sun Glasses For Water And Ocean Sports

SeaSpecs are the most popular sun glasses available, specifically for ocean adventures! They are built for surfing, kayaking, bodyboarding, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, and any other water sport you can think of.

They are AMAZING because they work well in water and will not get lost or break while protecting your eyes from the sun. SeaSpecs Black Sunset Specs Extreme Sunglasses.


  • Buoyant in water
  • Non-Elastic head band
  • ​Polarized
  • ​Stylish
  • ​Prescription (optional)
  • ​Many colors to choose from
  • Speed holes around eye frame (for maximum acceleration)
Black sports sunglasses


These specs are resilient and it takes it would take a lot of effort to lose them. If they are lost, they will drift up towards the surface and hang just below the waters surface.

However, in turbulent surf, the can be kept down underneath the water for long periods of time. Sometimes, small waves can really push them around and currents can also take them across the beach.

Non-Elastic Band

This band is able to expand and minimize with your hands like a snorkel mask.

This keeps them glued to your face and very hard to come off in the water, even when submerged.

SeaSpecs Extreme Sports Sunglasses

Polarized & Strong

These glasses are UVA and UVB protected from the suns harmful rays. You will not have to worry about the fins lenses being affected by intense sunlight (using color, becoming dull).

Frame & Hinges

The frame is made from an injected molded nylon frame that is extremely strong and light-weight. The hinges are also made from nylon so they will not rust from ocean water and fall apart. The frames are also ventilated to keep the lenses clear.