Review of the HB Free II, Octoblades and Projekt Swim Fins

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Hot Buttered (HB) fins is a premium brand that remains trusted with bodyboarders and surfers and since their fins are a hot buy, this review will help you decide if Hot Buttered fins will be a fit for your lifestyle! HB offers great quality products and you get to be among the first to see them!

HB Free II Fins

HB Free II Fins reviewThe fins to your right are the called Free II. You will feel light and free in the water when you wear them.

These fins are particularly good for off coast swimming. For comfort, they have soft foot pockets, as well as an ergonomic design.

They are found in a red/black combination. The style is cool and modern and will make you proud to sport these fins wherever you go! Generally they are priced around $70.

Voit Duck Feet Fins

The Free II assures that you will be swimming your fastest due to their stiff ridge blade. This gives your kicks extra power, and allows you to swim like a fish. The Free II is a good fin for both beginners and experts. It is designed to last.

HB Octoblades Fins

HB Octoblades Fins review The Octoblades are an amazing offering from HB, and an item that you should definitely have on your list if you are searching for a new pair of fins. They are made of a high quality rubber that will propel you through the water.

Hydro Fins

One of the coolest features of this fin are the “laser rails” a specific edge that will assure that you can move through the water with ease. There are specially designed drain holes in these fins that will make sure you aren’t retaining additional water.

The combination of soft and hard rubber makes these fins a great purchase. They are priced around $80. If enjoy swimming for long distances it makes sense to pick a fin that will carry its weight. Octoblades are worth their weight in gold (or maybe rubber :0)!

HB Projekt Fins

HB Projekt Fins reviewThe spray-painted black and orange fins are called Projekt Fins. These are “symmetrical fins,” so they will give you a slightly different feeling in the water than the other fins we looked at.

The fins have ergonomic features that will help ensure your comfort when you are swimming in the deep blue sea. They have a “jet flow” as well, to make sure that you don’t retain water.

These fins are a little higher in the price range, but with the perfect blend of soft and sturdy rubber you likely won’t regret it. HB makes high quality products, so its impossible to make a bad choice from the fins that were covered! Happy sailing!

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