Review Of The FINIS Tempo Trainer And Tempo Trainer Pro

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FINIS Tempo Trainer

Many swimmers are looking for a technology solution that they need to hone their skills effectively. This is part of the reason why many people are looking to secure support through a few different types of technology.

The Finis tempo trainer may actually be one of the best all around solutions on the market. This technology makes it easier than ever for people to get the success that they want to see when they practice in the pool.

The Finish tempo trainer will effectively provide people with the information that they need to complete different swimming styles. It has a clear, built-in digital read out that helps identify accurate time, and choose the right option that will suit the users needs.

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Another advantage of the tempo trainer is that it can transmit a small, audible beep. This can help them correct their form and decrease their swimming time. They will be able to attach this tempo trainer to almost any part of their body, including their swim cap.

Most people will appreciate that the Finis Tempo Trainer is durable and easy to use, even with all of the advanced features that are included. It can be powered through fairly small batteries, adding to its overall efficiency. It even has a clip that will make it useful for exercising on dry land as well.

FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro


The FINIS tempo trainer pro is the new and improved version of the Finis Tempo Trainer. It now has 3 modes so you can do the following: single beep from 0.20 seconds to 99.99 seconds, triple beep from 1 second to 9.59 minutes, and a single beep in strokes/strides per minute.

​This is great for dry land use and is perfect for people doing triathlons. You can use it for biking, running, and most other outdoor activities as well.

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