Review Of Swim Fin Drain Hole Systems

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What Is It & Why?

A quick explanation is that it is a hole on the bottom of the foot pocket that allows water, rocks, seaweed and anything else that is trapped in the foot pocket to escape.

When you are on the sand/rocks about to jump into the water is where you can get rocks in your fins a lot of the time and this is probably the most annoying thing that happens and one of the best reasons for a drain hole.

Fin Drain Hole System Chart

Comparison Chart

41MDuNiibUL. SL500
Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins – Black/Yellow – ML | Bodysurfing | Bodyboarding
113dXTW85gL. SL500
Hydro TECH 2 Ocean Swim Fins – Select Color & Size (Black – Orange, Large)
51uyrVNoG6L. SL500
Morey – Churchill Slashers, XL (12+)
31MTVlLhNXL. SL500
Churchill Makapuu Fins (Blue/Yellow) – Size: Large – Perfect for catching Waves, Whether Bodyboarding, Swimming, Travel fins, bodysurfing, Casual Swimmers or Tight Space Snorkeling ect.
3172ACp6qML. SL500
Churchill Makapuu Pro Swimfins – MBKKKKK (item# CHURCHMAKPRO)
31VaGiD00SL. SL500
Ally Floating Swim Fins

Different Types

You can’t get to crazy or creative with putting a hole in the bottom of the fins but there are basically two different types of systems. First is where it is in the middle of the foot pocket and just one hole. The second type is either one or two holes at the bottom of the foot pocket.

Review Of Swim Fin Drain Hole Systems 2

Which Type Should I Get?

Is there a best? Yes, (in my opinion) I would recommend getting a drain system that is at the bottom of the foot (does not matter if it is one or two holes). It is the best design because your toes can get stuck in the hole that is in the middle of the foot. It hurts a lot! I have had that happen, always in very high surf, Pipeline a lot actually.

The other reason is that everything has a better change of draining when the hole is at the bottom of the foot pocket instead of the middle. For example, take a Styrofoam cup with water and poke a hole in the middle (not everything drains) next poke a second hole at the bottom, everything drains out!

​Am I A Hypocrite?

​Even though I am telling you the better one is not the Churchill fin type, am I a hypocrite? A little background and explanation, if you’re new to the site, I wear Churchill fins myself and I promote them a lot on the site and now I am saying they don’t have the best drain system. Nope, I am not a hypocrite, I have just compromised.

Review Of Swim Fin Drain Hole Systems 3

I like Churchill fins so much that I use them in spite of the fact that the drain system could be better. It would be nice but not a deal breaker for me so I still wear them. It would be nice if the updated it but I know the molding machines that are used to make fins are really expensive.

Someone told me a few years ago that the fin molding machines cost around $60K, probably more now, maybe even closer to $100K. Stealth fins are very close to Churchill with the better drain system so if I couldn’t wear my fin of choice I would go with Stealth.

​Here is a quick breakdown of some popular fins and what type of drain system they have.

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