Pod PF1, PF2, PF3 Swim Fins Review

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When you are going body boarding, body surfing or even just swimming you want to look and feel your best. Furthermore, the important equipment makes a significant difference especially if you are doing some intense sea swimming, diving, boarding!

There are a huge amount of flippers in the marketplace, but one of the most popular are the Pod swim fins. This is a range of fins, which range from the cheapest for beginners, to the more expensive, designed especially for the most adventurous swimmers. Which group do you fit in?

They are manufactured by the POD company, a company founded in 1993 in New Zealand. There are five different Pod models: the PF1, PF2, PF2 Limited Color Edition, PF3 and PF3 Limited Color Edition.

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PF1 Pod Swim Fins

These are the most inexpensive in the range, they are specifically designed for fin newbies. They are ideal if you dont have much experience in surfing or swimming with fins, but want a high quality brand that is reliable. They may be low-priced but they are a good quality. If you are looking for starter swim fins, then the PF1s are definitely a good choice.


They are manufactured with high quality rubber and have built-in drainage, so water and sand leaves the fin quickly after you exit the water. PF1s trademarked splay rails help with balance and control. The PF1s definitely have the features of a much more expensive model.

​Colors: The PF1 Pod Swim Fins only come in one color, a blue/lime color.

​Materials: The PF1s are manufactured with Malaysian rubber compounds, of a high quality.

​International Availability: The PF1s are available for worldwide delivery, so if you live outside their home country of New Zealand, you dont have to worry, they can be delivered to where you are.

​PF2 Pod Fins 2

The PF2 fins are the next step up from the PF1s, they are of a slightly higher price but in return you get an amazing fin. PF2 fins are designed for even the most advanced surfer or swimmer.


They have a sleek design, designed for speed and maneuverability. If you are a speed swimmer or surfer, these fins are for you. They have vertical rails that produce advanced stability in waves. They are more lightweight than cheaper models and are easier for you to conquer those waves!

​Colors: The PF2s are designed in a bold black/lime mashup.

​Materials: Also made from Malaysian rubber.

​International Availability: The PF2s are also available for worldwide delivery.

​PF2 Limited Color Edition

The PF2 Limited Color Edition fins encompass the same design and features as the standard PF2. If you want a splash of color, these are sure to brighten up your next deep sea conquest!


They feature all the same high quality features as the PF2s, including the streamline design and high quality materials.

​Colors: The limited edition model features a blue/orange combination.

​Materials: They are made from the same fantastic quality Malaysian rubber compounds, designed especially for high quality fins and giving you the performance that you deserve.

​International Availability: They are available for worldwide delivery.

Pod PF1 PF2 PF3 Swim Fins Review 2

​PF3 Pod Fins 3 Evolution

These fins have class and prestige and is made for the most demanding and champion swim fans! POD says that huge amounts of research and development have gone into this product. If you want the best, these wont break the bank and are very innovative!


The PF3s have an asymmetrical design which allows for balance. They are lightweight. The foot size is relative to the blade size, which makes swimming and surfing easier and faster. If you want a fin packed with features, then this is the one to go for.

​Colors: There are three colors availables:Blue/LimeBlack/OrangeBlack/Lime

​Materials: Once again, these fins are made of high quality Malaysian rubber compounds, while it may be the same material they are molded in a way that makes this fin a much better option than the comparable models.

​International Availability: As with all of the other pod swim fins, the PF3 is available or worldwide shipping.

​PF3 Evolution Limited Color Edition

This version of the PF3, are for those that want something extra special! The stark difference is that it comes in a cool, eye-catching orange/lime combination.

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