Limited Edition Fins

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Limited Edition are a new Australian fin and accessory company.

They have an impressive pro team riding for them and also make bicep leashes, bodyboard bags etc.

As far as the fins go, the are basically an exact copy of Churchill fins with different colors. The Churchill patent come up and several fin companies emerged into the market to copy this fin down to the T.

Technically fair and legal business tactic, I suppose. The funny thing is that they aren’t cheaper. There is one difference and that is a support ridge from the foot pocket in the middle of the blade adding strength.

Out of all the copy-cats Id say Stealth is the best because they added innovation to the product line.

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​The only reason to get these fins would be if you like the colors better than Churchill. They have an assortment of colors available so sift through those and see if you find a color you like better than what other same fin shape companies offer than go with these.

​One more advantage they have is better rubber quality than current Churchills that are made in China. Churchills that are made in Malaysia have the same good quality rubber.

​I dont mean to talk bad too much on this and similar companies, the Blue Ice model is a really cool color and I would wear those.

If you are interested in getting these fins, you can buy them here.​

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