Laguna Swim Fins Review

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Laguna Swim Fins are a very innovative and unique fin. It is like no other fin out there, that is for sure!

The foot pocket is completely made out of neoprene. But the fin blade is still of course made out of rubber. It is arguably the most comfortable fin on the market. There are two versions of this fin.

They are computer engineered and are truly an inovation the the regular swim fin.

Surf Fin ll

The Surf fin ll is a surf oriented medium power blade. The foot pocket, again, is made out of neoprene while the blade is rubber. The heel straps are interesting. they are neoprene and adjustable! Yes you can actually adjust the heel strap.

You might be saying to yourself, duh. That is logical thinking because other items you put on your feet like shoes, snowboard boots, etc. you can adjust. But if you are not new to fins then you know this is revolutionary because (although its logical) no other fin company had done this. Each fin can fit either your left or right foot.

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Nekton Fins

This has the same foot pocket material, adjustable heel strap and rubber blade. The difference is the foot pocket and blade shape. They are made to fit either the left or right foot. This customization improves function.


This is a great fin for someone who is just getting out in the water or just messing around; Snorkeling swimming, training, new to bodyboarding.

If you are serious about bodyboarding though, seriously dont wear these fins. They are kind of cool because of the materials and everything but they are ​look status. Get a serious fin like Churchills or Stealth.

If you are interested in getting these fins, you can buy them here.

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