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Da Fins company has been around for a number of years now and was developed by Australian Andy Cochran. Andy has lived in Hawaii now for the past three decades but started manufacturing this product in OZ.

Most of the market for these fins is in the U.S. so he moved operations to California. He now makes two types of fins:

Kicks Fins

This is the latest addition to the company. Dropknee bodyboarder, Aka Lyman, helped in the design of this fin. They are very comfortable and easy on your feet but the trade-off is that there is not a ton of power and thrust.

Kick Fins Review

This one is mostly for bodyboards, prone and dropknee. If most fins hurt your feet and you cant seem to get away from the pain I would recommend this fin. If you are looking for a medium to high power fin I would stay away. They come in several color selections and each fin is identical (meaning they will fit either foot).

Kicks have raised ridges on each side of the blade and down the center of the foot pocket for added strength. The drain hole system is a circular hole in the middle of the foot pocket, similar to Churchills. That is okay but many believe a drainage system that is on the bottom of the foot pocket to be superior for maximum drainage and function.

Da Fins

Da Fins are the original fin from the company. Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana assisted in the development.

This model is geared more toward swimmers. They have been the Hawaiian lifeguards main go-to fin for eight years and in 06 the U.S. Lifeguard Association made this their standard fin. So they have been tried and proven by the pros.

As far as the design goes, they offer more power than Kicks with its wider blade base. They are an excellent and comfortable fin to go with.

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