Churchill HUBB Fins Review

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Jeff is arguably the best bodyboarder of all time and has released his signature fin…. And trust me, Churchill Hubb fins do not come up short of his living legend status.

Here’s the problem with most fins…


If you are like most people, they want fins to fit their active lifestyle. Most fins can be too flimsy or too hard.

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  • Provide excellent power and acceleration
  • Feel free when busting airs and spins
  • ​No side affects (cuts and swelling)
  • Improve your riding
  • Leave your feet with cuts and sores
  • Cramp your legs
  • Cause serious damage to tendons on your feet

…and here’s how.

Churchill Hubb fins are comfortable because of the Churchill Hubb fins foot pocket design and soft 100% natural rubber in addition to the neoprene insert in the foot pocket and ankle pad.

The Churchill Hubb fins blade is structured like a dolphins fin and it utlizes medium-high power so you will not have long-term pain due to too much pressure on your feet.

Ever lost a fin? BUMMER! Not now. In addition to the neoprene foot insert and ankle pad Churchill Hubb fins also come with fin tethers!

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