How to Wear Swim Fin Flippers

How to Wear Swim Fin Flippers

One of the most asked questions I get asked is How do I wear these swim fin flippers? From a new enthusiast at the beach trying to bodyboard, swim or bodysurf, it is a common question many people have.

Putting Your Swim Fins On

First, you put your foot in the foot pocket, then put the heal strap behind your heal.

Left And Right Fin?

Some fins have uneven fin blades where the longest point of the blade needs to be on the outside of your feet. And the shortest part of the fin blade should be on the inside of your foot. Some swim fin companies manufacturer fins that could go on either your left or right foot, it doesnt matter.

How to use swim fin flipper

​Here are a few more tid-bits of info and will help with your overall knowledge of fins:


​Wash off with fresh water and store in cool dry spot. When not in use, keep out of direct sun light.


​They should fit comfortably snug. If they are too tight, they will constrict and if they are too loose, they will not function and they might fall off.


​Sometimes fins can rub and cut your feet. To make fins more comfortable, use fin socks, fin booties and ankle pads.

​Fin Savers

​There are fin tethers and strings that help save your fins in the event that they fall off!