How To Put On And Use Swim Fin Flippers

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It is very common for someone who just bought their first pair of fins to have many questions. It is all very simple and this article will get you up and running oh wait, wait I mean swimming!

How Do I Put On Swim Fins?

You put your feet into the foot pocket and make sure the strap goes securely behind your ankle. The drain holes should go on the bottom of the fin so the drain hole should be on the bottom side of your foot, not the top of your foot.

The brand name of the fin is placed on the top of the fin. In addition, some fins like Churchill fins have a unique blade shape to the left and right fin. In the case of these types of fins, the furthest fin blade should be on the outside of each fin making it look like a dolphin tail.

The way the fin should fit your feet should be comfortably snug, similar to a running shoe.

How Do I Use Swim Fins?

After you figure out how put swim fins on, the next question is usually how do I use them? You use one fin at a time, not at the same time, we are not mermaids! Instead of using your whole leg, you should bend at the knees and kick your feet up and down in a snapping manner. Keep the fin slightly submerged underwater.

You should not have your fins on the surface and kick and splash around. Find your rhythm and you can also start paddling with your arms once you are good at just paddling with your fins. Keep your hands to your side so you dont create a lot of drag with them.

Keep your fins close to one another but do not rub them together.

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