Mastering The Invert – Including Secret Ninja Tricks!

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If you want to learn the basics for inverting on a bodyboard, read here! Be sure to read all the way through to the “Secret Ninja Tricks” at the end of the article.


Identify that this is a proper wave for an invert (oncoming ramp-like, hollow section of the water).

As you’re trimming or, riding down the line, focus on speed and timing. You need as much speed as possible to do the biggest air you can. Lean forward on your board for max speed. Timing is crucial!

Bottom turn and then hit the wave lip. As your board comes in contact with the lip you want to lean further back and peal away from the lip as you air to face the beach.

Lift your board horizontally up by your head (bottom of the board facing up). One rail of the board should be by your ear. Your body is now horizontal and on its side facing the beach and your legs are horizontal too.

Once you’re tweaked as you can, bring your board down and under your stomach and prepare for the landing.

Ok. Now that we’re on the same page, here’s the stuff that will really help you.

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Secret Ninja Trick #1

Wherever your head goes, you go. When your body is tweaked to the max in the air, your head should be looking up at the sky. The biggest amateur mistake on an invert is looking at your landing the whole time your whole time you’re doing an invert.

Mastering The Invert – Including Secret Ninja Tricks 2

If your doing this, take your eyes off the landing and look up. It will immediately make your invert more stylish and tweaked, trust me!

Secret Ninja Trick #2

Do inverts on land. Do you really think the only time Michael Jordan plays basketball is when he’s playing another team and the cameras are rolling? No, he trains like crazy leading up to game time. When you get to the wave lip to launch an invert it should already be a done deal and you’ve already won because you:

  • Go through the motions by practicing your invert on land with your board
  • Stretch your torso (neck, arms, abdomen, sides, back, and legs
  • Emulate a pro’s invert (preferably Mitch Rawlins, Ryan Hardy, Jeff Hubbard)

Secret Ninja Trick #3

  • Have Churchill fins.
  • Their light-weight and maneuverable.
  • ​They look cool
  • This immediately makes your invert better.

A great place to get them is Amazon because it’s a trusted online store with thousands of customer reviews.

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