How Should Swim Fins Fit?

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The most important aspect about wearing swim fins are their fit. With comfortable fins, you have the best time of your life!

When you put the fins on they need to be snug. Your toes should fit comfortably at the end of the foot pocket. Getting the fin on and off should be easy. If the fin is too tight or loose you will run into a lot of problems; muscle cramps, loosing your fins, cuts, ulcers, and general discomfort.

If They are Too Tight

Indications that the fins are too tight are as follows: a bulging of your foot on the top of the foot pocket, your toes are crunched, and they are difficult to take off your feet.

How Should Swim Fins Fit 2

If They are Too Loose

Indications that they are too loose are as follows: a gap between your ankle and the heel strap, and when you move the fin around you can feel a gap from your foot and the fin pocket. In both cases your feet should fill these gaps so a smaller fin will be needed.

Now that you know what size you need, use the Fin Comparison Chart to choose the perfect fin!

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