Head Energy Swim Fin Review

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Are you an Olympic swimmer, or are you a beginner? Maybe you fall somewhere in between those two extremes. No matter what your skill level in the water is, there is a swim fin designed to give you a full body workout whenever you enter the water.

The Head Energy Swim Fin is an advance training fin made of high-grade polyprolylene. These lightweight fins have a closed foot pocket that offers the swimmer a more secure and comfortable fit. A convenient heel pull tab allows for the easy removal of the fins.

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The hard, short blade and short fin offer plenty of comfort and style for beginning swimmers or those with tons of experience. Some customers swear that this swim fin helps to reduce painful foot cramps that can result from wearing longer fins.These bright orange and black swim fins are a hit for those who want a good solid swim fin that also gives them a proper workout.

The Head Energy Swim Fins have been created as an exclusive training fin designed to assist in the development of a powerful kick and for enhanced propulsion.

They improve your technique while strengthening your leg muscles. Swim faster and smoother than you could ever imagine. Swim further and longer without getting overly tired. These fins feel really hard and rigid at first, but with use they do become less stiff and fit like a well worn glove.

If you want to give your whole body a well deserved workout, then these swim fins are the perfect accessory for you. A word of caution, walking on solid ground wearing the Energy Swim Fins is a bit tricky at first. The bottoms of the fins are a bit slick, but over time they do get roughed up and walking becomes almost a second nature.

However, we highly recommend you remove your swim fins and put them in the carrying bag instead of walking on them. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Doing this ensures that your swim fins will last your through a few swim seasons. Swimming is an excellent sport for people of all ages.

The Head Energy Fin is the perfect set of fins for everyone and anyone. Swimming alone builds muscles, wearing swim fins will help to improve your swimming techniques and aid in proper muscle development at the same time.

You can improve your overall general fitness just by adding the proper swim fin to your swimming experience.These short fins weigh less than 2 pounds and come in 7 sizes ranging from a small 3/4 to a large 11/12. These will fit children as well as adults. Size charts are available on the official Head website and will help you in determining just what size to get.

Do note that these swim fins are sized on the larger size, most people like to get them a size smaller than their shoe size for a nice tight fit. Other people think that wearing a rubber bootie beneath their larger sized Energy Swim Fin works better for them. Some people even choose to wear socks beneath their fins. Each customer must choose size on whatever criteria makes them the most comfortable.

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The Head Energy Swim Fin is priced around $25 to $35 depending on size. There are many places online that are offering discounts on these cool orange swim fins.

Search around online and you can find many sites with great offers.

This is an excellent price for these swim fins and is comparable to other similar swim fins. For any swimmer, novice or expert, the Head Energy Swim Fin is a wonderful fin that can only enhance the quality of your swimming and your health.

What more could a swimmer ask for?

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