Fulafuna Crocs Kids Fins Review

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Plenty of watersport-loving parents struggle to find products that fit their kids and offer the performance they expect. There are plenty of kids’ swim fins available, but not all are comfortable or durable enough to stand up to the needs of active and rambunctious children.

In fact, one little girl and her uncle recognized the need for more comfortable and more fun swim fins, and the idea for fulafuna was born. Crocs are already a lightweight and comfortable shoe that many kids wear around and in the water, but what if they could become swim fins, too?

Young Emily and her Uncle Mike came up with the concept, then spent hours designing and testing out their ideas. The result is fulafuna, comfortable and kid-friendly fins that won’t break your budget.

What Are Fulafuna Fins?

Fulafuna fins let kids take on fun watersports that require swim fins without taking off their Crocs. These slip-on flippers attach to kids’ Crocs and take them from poolside to swimming in seconds. Parents often struggle to size kids correctly for fins, and since they grow so fast, kids might need a few different pairs over the years.

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Fortunately, fulafuna are adjustable at each size, accommodating three different sizes of Crocs. Kids and parents both appreciate the comfort and convenience of Crocs, since they slip on easily and let kids’ feet breathe. With these fins, kids can put their fins on themselves and get right in the water without taking their shoes off.

Beyond casual swims at your home or local pool, kids can wear their fulafuna to snorkel, too. The lightweight construction makes it easy to take them along, making snorkeling and other vacation water activities easier and more fun. If kids are reluctant to get in the water at your local lake or swim facility, a fun pair of flippers can ease the process.

Product Overview Of Fulafuna Fins

Fulafuna come in two colors, Tahiti Turquoise and Polynesia Purple, and each pair arrives with its own mesh swim bag. Lightweight and flexible material slides easily over Crocs, without pinching kids’ toes or rubbing in delicate areas.

Two sizing options span Croc sizes C10 to J3, so you’ll choose either a small or medium. These sizes accommodate kids around ages 4 to 10. The material is a ​​soft, non-foam, TPE plastic ​rather than rigid plastic, so kids will find them easier to walk in than other types of fins.

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The design features a slip-on front fin that surrounds the toe area of kids’ Crocs snugly. Elastic loops wrap around the Crocs’ straps and secure the fin to the shoe. Putting them on is manageable for older kids, but younger ones may still need help.

Fulafuna Fins Review

Parents like these snap-on fins for the convenience and comfort, but kids love them because of the fun colors and customization options. The same decorations that kids use on their Crocs (Jibbitz and others) fit fulafuna, meaning each pair becomes its owner’s custom creation.

Kids will also appreciate that these fins are easier to walk in than typical rigid fins, even those meant for kids. Although they’ll need to take care while walking across rough surfaces with their fulafuna since kids are already familiar with wearing Crocs, that makes them easier to manage.

A bonus is the fact that if kids already own Crocs, there’s no additional equipment to purchase. The cost of fulafuna is competitive versus other kids’ fins, making them an affordable option that suits Croc-loving families.

Another perk is the adjustable sizing and the fact that each pair can fit multiple sizes of Crocs. It’s easier to find a perfect fit for kids using fulafuna than sizing them for fins that may vary according to the brand. Especially when purchasing online, it’s easier for parents to buy a product that fits a range of sizes.

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This is an added benefit for families with multiple children, particularly in terms of sharing equipment or passing hand-me-downs along through siblings.

The only drawback we see to the fulafuna is the fact that they’re bulkier than some other kids’ fins. Because Crocs have a rounded shape and wide toe area, this means the fin fit isn’t as trim as some other brands. That said, no flippers are genuinely trim or narrow due to the nature of their function.

Regarding function, fulafuna perform similarly to other kids’ fins, so the creators didn’t focus purely on looks. Kids can take their fins to the pool, lake, or ocean shallows and feel confident that they can propel themselves cleanly through the water.

Overall, kids enjoy them because the fins help them gain confidence in their swimming abilities and build on attire they already feel good wearing. Parents appreciate the cost and versatility, but top praise for the fins comes in the form of how fun these are for kids whether they’re just learning to swim or getting ready to start snorkeling or other water sports.

Buying Advice

Parents looking for comfortable and versatile fins for even the smallest of swimmers would do well to choose fulafuna. While many families who already own Crocs seek out these fins for that reason, purchasing Crocs for this purpose gives kids a pair of comfortable and multi-purpose shoes, too.

As an alternative to typical fins that are hard and heavy, fulafuna offers exceptional function with exceptional fun for the younger set. Kids who are hesitant to relax in the water may acclimate faster with the help of these flippers and their favorite Crocs, helping parents introduce them to a lifetime enjoyment of water sports.

Even if your kids aren’t huge fans of Crocs, they may change their minds when they feel how comfortable the shoes are in combination with adaptable fins. That said, there are likely some kids who prefer typical fins to these Croc adaptations.


Many other companies manufacture kids’ swim fins that are functional and lightweight enough to make kids comfortable, but fulafuna takes it a step farther with customization options and bold colors. A lightweight and forgiving fin that helps parents get kids moving, fulafuna has its kid co-creator to thank for the innovative Croc-dependent concept.

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