The Right Fins For Swimming

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Swimming is a wonderful exercise that can help increase stamina, endurance, flexibility and burn calories. If you enjoy spending time in water, you should think about using fins for swimming. You will be amazed at difference it can make while you are swimming, be it in the pool or an open water body.

Benefits Of Using Fins For Swimming

If you are still skeptical about using fins to swim, here are some advantages of using them:

  • Strength: When you wear swim fins while swimming, it will help to increase strength in your legs and ankles. This is because fins have a large surface area and your legs have to work that much harder to move in the water.
  • Flexibility: Fins cause your ankles to flex and move more. As a result, flexibility in your ankles increases. It not only strengthens your ankles, but also helps to stretch them, making them more supple and lithe.
  • Body Position: When you use fins for swimming, you will have an improved body position and technique while swimming. This primarily comes from the speed that fins add and with increased speed, your body sits higher in the water.
  • Cardiovascular Workout: Using fins to swim will work the large muscles in your legs and this helps to give you a good cardiovascular workout and also burn more calories. Above all, using fins will improve your fitness levels tremendously.

Fins To Swim

There are many brands of fins available in the market. It is important you choose the best to enjoy the benefits of using fins while swimming. Some of the different fins that you can choose from include the following:

Churchill Fins: If you are just learning how to swim or are relatively new to swimming with fins, you should opt for Churchill fins. These fins are renowned for their power and balance and help to improve your swimming technique and speed. They can be used for all styles of swimming and are not too heavy on the feet.


Viper Fins: These fins are highly favored by bodysurfers, but also can be used for swimming. They are powerful and extremely durable. Some swimmers may tell you that these fins are not the most comfortable ones in the market, but do not let that deter you if you want to improve your leg and ankle strength and flexibility. Today, all Viper fins come with a foot pad and this helps to make them more comfortable. You can wear special fin socks if you are looking for additional comfort.

Viper Surfing Fins

Ally Fins: Shaped like a bat wing, Ally fins come with ankle straps to reduce discomfort. The blade of the fins is stiff and this helps to get a good thrust while swimming. It comes with raised rails to channelize water which helps you get more kick power while swimming. There is a breather hole present at base of the foot pocket to facilitate easy removal of sand and other debris.

Ally Fins

Hydro Fins: These fins are also excellent for swimming. The original Hydro fins were interchangeable and could be worn on any foot. The fins from Hydro Fins are crescent-shaped, which help to provide maximum thrust and power while swimming. It also comes with a drainage system that is a little different from other fins. The breather hole located at front bottom part of the foot pocket rather than the bottom part of the foot pocket. It is made from durable rubber, so is long-lasting.

Hydro Fins

Mermaid Tail Monofins

Mermaid tail monofins are just what the name suggests. They are a single fin that can accommodate both feet in the foot pocket. They come in an array of colours that can make you feel like a mermaid in water. While parents can use this fin to help get their children to enjoy swimming and spending time in the water, even adults can opt for it.

FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin Specs

The mermaid tail monofins come fit both feet snugly without causing discomfort. And, the blade of the fins is shaped like the tail of fish, hence the name.

When To Buy Fins

You should buy fins for swimming well in advance and get used to using them. Many people who use fins for the first time, find feeling strange. Furthermore, using fins for the first time can tire you out quickly. It is best to buy fins well before you intend using them, so that you get accustomed to them.

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