FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins

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FINIS has been making active swimwear for twenty years. Throughout these years they have carefully listened to and implemented ideas given to them by their customers. Customers just like you. Creating a product line that customers love, use and brag about is what FINIS is all about.

FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins are the newest swim fins in a line of other Zoomers swim fins. These new fins offer the best in foot comfort. These Gold swim fins are the result of years of experience and feedback from fellow swimmers. Here is a fin designed to fit right and work correctly – every time.

Zoomers Gold

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These 100% natural rubber fins are made with an improved foot pocket that offers increased comfort for the user. The closed heel offers a secure fit and the comfortable design allows for increased flexibility and range of motion for the ankles and the feet.

FINIS Yellow Zoomers Gold

These Zoomers swim fins will help build leg strength, increase speed and help with endurance. Get your heart pumping and get that heart rate up. A cardiovascular workout never felt so good. Training is made easy with these new Gold fins: not only do you get a faster kick, but these Gold fins offer the ideal propulsion. Swim like a fish, gliding through the water as you never have before. You will feel as if you entered a new era of swimming and diving.

The blade stiffness lies somewhere between the red and blue Zoomer fins. The short blades promote shorter and faster kicks, while the blade angle aligns with the natural angle of the foot and greatly promotes proper kicking motions. Because of the proper fit around the ankles, these Zoomers Gold fins allow more flexibility in the kick and helps promote stronger kicks.

FINIS Zoomers Gold

The FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins are just the latest in swimming footwear. Designed for the choosy swimmer who wants both comfort and style in the perfect swim fin. If you want to learn to swim like a pro, swim like a fish, or swim like a mermaid, then FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins are the product you are looking for. Lightweight, brightly colored and just the right size. What more could a swimmer want?

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