FINIS Wave Monofin Review

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For twenty years FINIS has been working hard to bring our customers the best quality and variety of aquatic toys and equipment. Whether you are a novice in the water, or you are a pro speed racer, FINIS has a product for you. Water sports is an ageless sport, folks from 1 to 100 can swim – and swim better and faster, with FINIS products.

At FINIS we believe that children deserve products designed to look like the adult version, but that work specifically for them. There is nothing more frustrating to a child than trying – without success – to learn to use adult equipment. Swim fins made for adults are not meant for children, and will only end badly for everyone. FINIS makes products children will love.

FINIS Wave Monofin

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The child sized FINIS Wave Monofin is the perfect fin for children. It is designed specifically for their smaller feet. The large flexible blade – a patented single blade design – has stability ridges built in for proper leg motions and speed, and stabilization channels added which helps the fin flex in the best wave motion.

The quick release straps make the fins easy to adjust and provide just that tiny bit of added safety in the water. The comfortable open toe design fits men’s small shoe sizes 1-7 or women’s small sizes 2-8. Included are plastic protection inserts to maintain the comfortable shape of the soft rubber foot pocket during storage.

The Wave Monofin is very versatile and can be used in the lake, the pool, the ocean, or in the bathtub. We don’t recommend using the Wave Monofin in the bathtub, but you may have a hard time convincing your child to take the fin off.

Children love the vibrant, bright yellow and black FINIS Wave Monofin because it makes them feel like a true mermaid or dolphin. This fin makes learning the dolphin kick fun and easy. Training teaches the youngsters the proper techniques needed to learn this fun way of swimming. Mothers are covering the fin with a mermaid cover, and some insist that their children want to stay in the water forever.

The Wave Monofin is not designed to teach competitive swimming, they are strictly designed to teach children how to move both feet and legs together at the same time in a dolphin motion. What child has never expressed the desire to be a fish in the ocean? What better way to get your child exercising and having fun at the same time?


The FINIS Wave Monofin is the perfect summer accessory for any child’s summer fun. Whether your children want to swim in a backyard pool, or brave the world and tackle the ocean, the Wave Monofin will make them happy, fast little dolphins in no time.

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