FINIS Shooter Monofin Review

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Twenty years of quality service. This is a phrase that FINIS can stand behind. During those twenty years we have brought you, our most valued customer, the best quality aquatic equipment around.

Whether you just like to swim laps in your back yard pool, or you want to make an epic swim across the ocean, FINIS has the right equipment for the task. From youngsters to the elderly, there are FINIS products designed to fit all sizes.

Shooter Monofin

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Competitive swimmers will find the FINIS Shooter Monofin is the ideal fin to develop a quick and powerful butterfly kick. The Shooter Monofin can also be used for breaststroke drills, backstroke underwater work and for long distant butterfly stroke training.

Swimmers can work the abs, lower back, quads, and glutes while practicing race paced kicking techniques. Training with the Shooter Monofin can also teach the strong dolphin kick and the side kick. In need of practicing your starts and turns?

The FINIS Shooter Monofin is perfect for this exercise, while also making swimming for longer periods without losing your stroke much easier.

The short, stiff fiberglass blade of the Shooter Monofin and comfortable foot pockets offer a range of flexibility in the feet and ankles. High speeds are important in competitive racing; wearing the Shooter Monofin, the swimmer notes early the proper streamline adjustments needed to stay in the race.

The FINIS Shooter Monofin is a highly recommended drill training tool for all kinds of strokes. The FINIS Shooter Monofin is available in sizes 6.5 16 and are a unisex model. This is the ultimate swimming accessory for competitive swimmers and triathletes.

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