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FINIS Inc, large swim brand, has come out with the very sought after FINIS Floating fin. Swim enthusiasts are raving about this fin and for a reason. For twenty years FINIS has been making active swimwear for the whole family. Whether you are an athlete or a beginning swimmer, FINIS has the products you want, when you need them.

If you are looking for a swim fin that works well for everyone from beginners to pros, then look no further than the FINIS Long Floating swim fins.

Made of 100% rubber, FINIS Long Floating fins are buoyant in water. Whether you prefer swimming in the ocean or in your own backyard pool, these fins will work well because they float. Floating fins reduces body drag and keep the legs buoyant and loose. Because the soft floatable rubber in these fins will not sink, your child will have a hard time losing them.

FINIS Long Floating Fins

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These are excellent swim fins to teach children how to kick above the water, and get them accustomed to the motions needed to propel them across any body of water. They are great to have children wear just to exercise in pool.

The long floating fins give the legs and feet a nice workout. The long, hydrodynamic blade, a wonderful length for those who do the butterfly kick and the flutter kick, propels the swimmer to greater distances and at faster speeds. What competitive swimmer would not like these advantages?

The closed heel helps reduce injuries to the ankle from hyper-flexing. The long fin helps build leg strength and gives power to the overall kick. Kids love them and swear the swim fins have turned them into super swimmers.

The bright vibrant colors are sure to please any child, and the color coded scale make children realize they are growing along with their swim fins. FINIS makes swim fins of all shapes and sizes. There are so many to choose from that no customer should walk away – or swim away – unhappy.

FINIS Floating fins, red/blue, fit smaller feet in both men and women. Sizes range from a size 5.5 to size 7 for men and size 6.5 to size 8 for women. Size charts are available for FINIS’ European (38-39) and UK (5-6) customers also.

FINIS Floating fins, blue/yellow, are extra small fins designed for older children or adults with smaller feet. Sizes range from a 1 to a 3 for US men; 2 to 4 for US females; 34 – 35 for European, and 2 to 2.5 for the UK. FINIS Floating fins come in nine different sizes, each with their own unique color combination.

Sizes range from XXXS right on up to XXXL, or, if you prefer, from size Junior 8 to Adult 14. If your foot width is wider than normal, it would be advisable to go up a size higher than you would normally wear, as these fins tend to run on the narrower side near the front of the foot. Otherwise the fit is good for those with normal size feet.

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