FINIS Fishtail Junior Yellow Fins Review

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FINIS Fishtail Junior fins

are designed to help young children learn to swim properly and promote good form while doing so. Your child will learn to paddle and kick the right way. The fins also do not influence your childs buoyancy which makes them extremely easy to use and will help transform your little one into a great swimmer!

They are of outstanding quality, are soft, flexible, are made of 100 percent natural rubber and will help build confidence and accelerate the process of learning to swim.

The FINIS Fishtail Junior Fins have an adjustable heel strap on each fin which allows the fins to easily adjust and fit securely and also can continue to be worn as the child grows. Once your child outgrows the baby fins they can upgrade to the junior fins and continue their journey to becoming great swimmers and reaching their finis.

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Finis also has a array of fins for people of all ages. They have two sizes for children: the Finis Fishtail Baby fins, the smaller of the two, which comes in the color blue and the Finis Fishtail Junior fins come in the color yellow. The baby fins are for children in the age range of 3 months to 3 years old and the junior fins are for 4 to 7 year olds . They retail for around $28.

The name Finis is the Latin word for the end or the grand finale, which represents helping athletes who swim, get to the finish line that they as competitors strive for.

Finis has released numerous products for the U. S. market and several are currently being used worldwide by fitness swimmers, elite Triathletes, and International and U.S. Olympic teams.

Some of their unique products include: the Swimmers Snorkel, Z2 Zoomers (a tool that demonstrates the intimate understanding of hydrodynamics, engineering, and swimming musculature), and the SwiMP3 (using the technology of bone conduction to play music).

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