FINIS Competitor Monofin Review

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FINIS swimwear 

FINIS has been making fine, quality swimwear and equipment for twenty years. Thanks to loyal customers, we are able to bring you wonderful swim fins. The FINIS Competitor Monofin is one such item:

  • Designed for competitive water sports.
  • Large fiberglass blade creates resistance.
  • ​Hand tapered blade creates amazing whip action.
  • Increases kicking speed.
  • Marine grade rubber foot pockets.

Competitor Monofin

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The FINIS Competitor Monofin is the perfect swim fin for fin swimmers, divers and anyone who just enjoys water sports.The Competitor Monofin is the largest and fastest of all the FINIS Monofins. It is considered the best fin for speed swimming.

Made of a large fiberglass blade and soft natural rubber foot pockets, they make you feel like the Monofin is an extension of your legs. The hand tapered blade allows you to reach speeds of up to 3.3 meters and creates an amazing whip-like action at the end of every kick. The tension in the large fiberglass blade creates maximum resistance for increased propulsion. The slight increase in weight makes the fin very stable while diving.

The FINIS Competitor Monofin is a fine product to own if you want extreme power in your leg actions. Designed for racing, the FINIS Competitor Monofin lives up to its name. Training with a Monofin benefits all swimming strokes.

Body alignment is streamlined and the dolphin kick technique is easy to learn. Sizes range from a medium to an extra large and are color coded according to size. There is sure to be a fine FINIS product to fit any man, woman or child like a second set of feet.

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