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Custom X Fins Review

Custom X is a bodyboard company that has been around since 1987. A guy known as PMA shapes their bodyboards. And as you already know now, they also make a popular fin.

They just have one fin model with five different stylish colors. Each fin can be used for either your left of right foot. It has a medium thrust-power fin blade and the fin pocket is pretty comfortable. I wore this fin for around a year or more and they worked out great. There was not any problems as far as ulcers or cuts on my feet.

One of its best features is the drain hole system. It is on the bottom of the foot pocket with two drain holes. This is the best type of drain system. Churchill fins biggest flaw is the drain hole because it is in the middle of the foot pocket. The Custom X fins blade is flat and has a well balanced mid power acceleration and propulsion.

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A few more benefits of this fin are the A-frame ankle straps, making it very comfortable! They are a very lightweight fin and they float, which is huge when a fin comes off in the surf. Plus, there are X grips on the bottom of the foot pocket for grip on slippery surfaces like mossy rocks or wet concrete. This helps you to not fall and brake your ass!


In Conclusion, This is a great fin to try out. Some prefer a flat blade while others prefer a custom left/right designated fin with a angled blade (like Churchill or Stealth). Most fins fall in those two categories. These are an excellent fin for the flat blade type and worth a try. In addition, I would try both categories of fins to see what you like the best.

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