Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set Review

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Imagine having a hard, rough piece of plastic jammed against your face that is constantly filling with water, and trying to breathe easily when, at a moments notice, you might inhale and choke on salty sea brine. Sounds awful, right? Well, lucky for me I avoided that scenario with the help of a quality cressi snorkel set.

My girlfriend and I went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean this past winter and we were really excited to do some snorkeling on our shore excursions.

We knew that snorkeling gear rental would be included in the fee for each trip, but after a few bad experiences with these things over the years (poorly fitting masks that let water in, and once when the snorkel and the mask didnt even hold together) we decided to make the investment and purchase two snorkel sets.

We went with the Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set and it made the trip truly magical! 

For starters, the snorkel and mask are made of really high quality, soft silicone. This let the mask make a comfortable and secure seal around the face.

I have to admit, I felt bad for the couple we met on the ship who were stuck with the cheap rentals, as these were made with a harder plastic and they were constantly resurfacing to dump the water out of their masks.

Also the mask had an easily adjustable strap that helped create that tight seal around the face. Yes, keeping water out of my face really is that important! How can you enjoy watching the fish with water sloshing around inside your mask?

The mask also has windows on the side to increase peripheral view. This feature really helped keep me oriented while snorkeling in a large group of people and definitely increased my enjoyment of the underwater scenery.

On more than one occasion I was able to catch a little critter out of the corner of my eye and swim over for a closer look.This snorkel itself is what really sets this product apart from the rest.

It allows the snorkel to be fully submerged in the water but prevents water from entering it. In other words, you dont have to worry about choking every time you take a breath because the snorkel stays dry! My girlfriend says this was her favorite feature for sure.

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When I did some comparison shopping and read another review or two, I realized that the cost of this set from Cressi really is in line with the value of what you are getting. For just a bit less you can certainly get a different product at your local drugstore, but then youd be back to the hard plastic digging into your face as your breath in sea water.

Personally, I decided to go for a more moderately priced product that truly out-shined every other snorkel set Ive used. I cant wait to dive in to another adventure with my favorite new snorkel!

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