Makapuu Swim Fins Review

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Churchill Makapuu fins are the ideal swim fin choice for bodyboarding and swimming. Churchill Makapuu fins dolphin arc structure is great for comfort along with 100% rubber that is eco-friendly!

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Makapuu? Give me the scoop!

Most fins have these typical problems:

  • They cut and scratch your feet
  • They form ugly bumps on your feet
  • They ache and hurt your feet
  • Do no produce enough power
  • They are flimsy
  • They are usually ugly too

Having used many fins and experimenting over the years (viper, Neo fins, Custom X, Hydro fins etc) I have hurt my feet with other fins and in most cases they became worn because the competitor brands fit.

In addition, they broke the skin on my feet and the salt water created a crater, prolonging the recovery. The worst part is wanting to bodyboard again soon and having the wound still on your foot. Trust me, not fun. If your experienced you know what I’m talking about. If you’re new, skip this trial and error phase and just get Churchill Makapuu fins.


The Churchill Makapuu foot pocket, material, and length make this the most well-balanced fin. Most fins are either really powerful but will kill your feet or and extremely comfortable but produce zero power. Heres why Churchill Makapuu fins work.


Churchill Makapuu fins are totally stylish. Churchill Makapuus are the best when you are maneuvering on a bodyboard and that is why they are the top choice for most professional riders like Mitch Rawlins, Jeff Hubbard, and Amaury Lavernhe. And as far as style goes, Churchill Makapuu fins simply look the best out in the water.

Look no further, Makapuu fins are the real deal!

If you are interested in purchasing these fins, you can buy them on Amazon below.

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