Swim Fin Comparison

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I know what youre thinking: Which fin is the best for me?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. Toyota or Honda, Ferrari or Lamborghini? I am extremely happy with Churchill fins; however, there are other great options out there.

Another factor is your foot type. You might have wide, narrow, thin or thick feet. Fins have different foot pockets so what works well for one person might not work well for someone else. You might have to try a few different fins before you find the one that is right for you.

Churchill Fins

A great and trusted fin! Churchills have medium-powered blades and an irregular shape longer outside rail that comes to a tip, which is totally opposite to flat angled blades. This fin has medium power and good comfort.

Churchill fins

The drain hole is in the center of the sole. The fin has a drain hole in the middle of the fin. However, sand and rocks can get trapped by your feet. Few consumers have reported toes being stuck in the drain hole, which sounds pretty painful.

Vipers and Neos also have the same drainage pocket. Hydros, Stealths, and Ally fins definitely have better drain holes. The foot pocket is comfortable yet not too flimsy. Also, some people report soreness after using the fins. To see the full guide, view Churchill fins review.

Viper Fins

Viper fins are another classic pair of swim fins. They have been said to shred feet and heels. They are the roughest, yet most powerful fin out there.

The new editions of the fins come with cushioning pads now to make it easier on your feet. Id honestly skip these fins, especially if its your first pair. There are better well-rounded fins out there like Stealths or Churchills. To see the full guide, view Viper fins review.

Ally Fins

Ally fins, along with Stealth and Limited fins, are newer fin companies that are all very similar to the original Churchill fin. Although they are a duplicate copy of this successful fin, they offer more variety, more feature and colors.

Review Of The ERS4 Swim Fin

Ally fins are tied sold in the 662 Mob Bodyboard Store. The materials are a bit stronger and harder than Churchills. The best aspect about Allys are all the different colors options they offer.

The features previously mentioned include the grip on the bottom of the foot and a drain hole on the bottom of the foot pocket. The drain hole is in the ideal spot, although it could be bigger. The last noted feature is the three-pointed or bat tail like fin arc.

This arc design is unique and can offer the rider a bit more flotation and looser grip due the the extra surface space. When comparing this fin arc to one like Churchill or Stealth, it is similar to riding a crescent tail bodyboard or a bat tail board.

The crescent grips waves more and you are more in control while the bat tail board has more surface area and and glides better on the wave. To see the full guide, view Ally fins review.

Stealth Fins

Stealth fins have been on the market for several years and they have been gaining popularity for the past few years. Many professional Australian bodyboarders have made the switch from Churchill to Stealth.

These fins are worthwhile and are a great alternative to Churchill fins. They rival many aspects of Churchill and also added a few features of their own. There are three types: Classic, S2 and S3. To see the full guide, view Stealth fins review.

Hydro Fins

Hydro fins are one of the most popular fins out there. Some complain of getting cuts from these fins. One thing is for sure, they put a lot of thought into the design of these fins and are pushing the limits. The Hydro T2 fins are the only one of their kind to be made out of silicon. To see the full guide, view Hydro fins review.

Hydro Fins Review

Laguna Fins

Laguna fins, formally know as Neo Fins, are a swim fin company based out out Laguna Beach, California.

They are the only fin of their kind to have a neoprene foot pocket. This is a cloth- like material that is extremely comfortable. They have two different types of fins to fit different needs and aquatic lifestyles. To see the full guide, view Laguna Fins review.

Custom X Fins

These fins are made by a bodyboard company called Custom X.

This is an excellent fin that has a flat blade, ideal drain system, and each fin fits individual the left or right foot. I have personally worn these myself for some time and they are extremely comfortable, A-frame heel strap, light weight, and they float. To see the full guide, view Custom X fins review.

Kicks Fins

Kicks, the bodyboard version of Da Fins, are a great comfortable fin that are nice to your feet , just dont expect a truck load of power behind them.

kicks fins

Many surfers like them because it is a softer fin and less ridged than most, yet many riders wear them. To see the full guide, view Kicks fins review.

Limited Edition Fins

Limited Edition fins are very similar to Churchill with bright and wonderful colors! They are made of great rubber and are an excellent alternative to Churchills. The in-depth article includes how to decide if these are for you! To see the full guide, view Limited Edition fins review.

Voit Duck Feet Fins

These are one of the oldest fins and well-trusted. Back in the day (before bodyboarding) divers would use them to spear fish and for other agricultural duties.

They still work great today and many use them to dive, bodysurf and swim. Few use this fin to bodyboard because it is a narrow and long design that does not work best for bodyboarders.

To see the full guide, view Voit Duck Feet fins review.

bz fins

Supers Fins

Supers were released in the fin market recently. They are mainly produced in Australia right now.Two bodyboard pro brothers from OZ started this company, get all the details in the full write-up to see if this fin is down your alley. To check out the full guide, take a look at Supers fin review.

Viper Vectors

Viper Vector FinsThe Vector line of Viper fins is new and improved! The new rubber makes them lighter and softer with the same shape and fit. There are a few other majors changes to the original fin as well with the new Viper vector fins. To see the full post see this page, Viper Vectors.

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