Chinese Vs. Malaysian Rubber

Chinese Vs. Malaysian Rubber

Wham-O, now a Chinese owned company was founded in 1948 in the United States. It is a huge toy company that invented toys such as the Frisbee, Hula Hoop and Slip N Slide.

Wham-O has acquired Churchill Fins and changed their main rubberized component change in 2012. This change has worried some consumers about a possible shortage of Malaysian Churchill fins.

Churchill fins

Churchill fins have also been around since 1936 but in recent years the Makapuu and Slasher have been manufactured in Malaysia. In 2012, Wham-O changed the manufacturing of the fins to China.

The reason this change was made is unknown. Two possible reasons that would make sense is that it was simply cheaper to manufacture fins in China. Many people that are old enough to remember from the 80s and 90s refer to the old dow (foam that you make a bodyboard core out of) refer to it as the good dow.