Best Swim Fins

Best Swim Fins

Swimming fins are used when one is in water to assist in movement especially in water sports like swimming and diving. The make it easy for one to move inside water. There are different types of swimming fins and they include:

  • Full-foot: Full feet are complete and they are not won with shoes as they look like a pair of shoes. One can also wear full foot fins with socks.
  • Open-heel: These can be won with boots and they are mostly used while diving. They are also adjustable since they are bare at the back and only held together by pieces of strings that can be loosened or tightened depending on the user.
  • Paddle: Paddle swim fins are like extensions of one’s feet especially when kicking. These are the best swim fins especially for men as compared to women since women have heavier lower legs.
  • Split: Split fins on the other hand have a split end blade.

Best Swimming Fins

Before you make a decision on the swim fits to go for, below is what you need to look for in a fin.

Swimming fins
  • Durability- you need to o for swimming fins that are durable and that will to wear and tear quickly.
  • Stability- best swim fins are stable when one puts them on. This is very important because they need to fit very well to prevent them from coming out in the middle of a water sporty activity.
  • Comfort - the swim fin you chose must be comfortable. Loose fins or very tight ones are very uncomfortable and this should be a no go zone. Go for what works for you best.
  • Value - you need to get value for your money and hence don’t go for fins just because you’ve seen them but go for the best.

Surfing fins

Surfing fins are used with the tail of surfboards. They improve stability in the water. There are different types of surfing fins including:

Churchill fins: These surfing fins look like dolphin’s tail. They are comfortable while walking in them and are best while surfing. These fins are made of a blue part which has a rubber material which is very comfortable on the feet. It also has a yellow part that offers excellent performance due to its stiffness.

​Stealth fins: These fins take the shape of a dolphin and in addition to this they have a sharp blade which is has a shape of a straight angle. They are very flexible and high performance.

​Viper Fins: These fins are powerful and high performance fins. They have cushion pads that makes it easy on feet. They have a flat front that enables proper movement in the water.

​Kicks fins: These are light fins comfortable in water. They work well for any kick.

​Custom x fins: The frame of custom x fins have a shape like that one of an A. Their foot pockets are very soft and the blades are stiff.

​Diving Fins & Training Fins

​These are fins used while training how to dive. They are of several types that include:

Diving with fins

​Positive Drive Fins - These are adjustable since they have a heel strap that one can adjust comfortably.

​Zoomers fins - These are comfortable and light on the feet offering a comfortable fit.

​Skin Sock - These are socks that are made of nylon and are used to protect the feet in water.

​Z2 Gold Zoomers - These are made of one hundred percent rubber offering a comfortable fit.

​Long floating fin - These have a long floating fin just like the name and this helps in increasing the speed of swimming athletes

Zoomers gold - These have an improved performance and size as well​