Reasons And Tips On Selecting The Best Swim Cap

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Comparison Chart

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Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Cap Silicone , Speedo Black
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Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Cap Silicone Long Hair Blue, One Size
Swimtastic Lycra Swim Cap, Blue
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TYR Lycra Swim Cap, Black
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Royal Swim Cap for Long Hair – Good for Women & Men – Waterproof Premium Silicone Swimming Caps – Special Shape for Effective Ear Protection – Keeps Hair Dry – with Nose Clip & Ear Plugs (Blue)

If you are an avid swimmer or a fan of swimming championships, you might have noticed nearly every swimmer, professional or amateur, wears a swim cap.

For most swimmers, a good and reliable cap makes all the difference in the world while performing in a competition, or just swimming outdoors or indoors. Moreover, the best waterproof swim cap can keep your hair dry, especially if you have long, thick hair. It can be difficult to wash all that chlorine out of your hair and dry it. This takes effort and a lot of time.

Reasons And Tips On Selecting The Best Swim Cap 2

Apart from that, it is important to understand a good majority of professional and competitive swimmers wear the Swimtastic cap.

Short hair, long hair, no hair – it doesn’t really matter because a swim cap is designed not just for keeping the hair dry or at least, as dry as possible – but to also enhance your capability to swim faster and with greater confidence. In light of this, mentioned below are some incredible advantages of wearing a swimming cap

5 Cutting-Edge Benefits Of Buying The Best Swim Cap To Keep Hair Dry

1. No Worries Swimming In Salty Or Chlorinated Water On A Daily Basis

If you love to swim on a daily basis and do so without wearing a cap, you are exposed to danger. Chlorine is a strong chemical that can gradually destroy your hair. Even if you swim for 15 to 20 minutes every day, you should always wear a cap.

1. No Worries Swimming In Salty Or Chlorinated Water On A Daily Basis

The same goes for swimming in a lake, river or sea. There are plenty of harmful chemicals and bacteria that can thin your hair. So, it is always a wise decision to take your swim cap with you whenever you go out for a swim in any type of water.

2. Minimizes Resistance And Enhance Swim Speed

There is no question that wearing a good swimming cap can really increase your swim speed. If you didn’t already know this, it will be a big surprise for you. This is exactly why silicone swimming caps have become so popular amongst both competitive and recreational swimmers in the past decade.

It is important to understand that the hair on your head can generate a lot of drag when you are in the pool swimming laps. The drag can decrease your swim speed.

2. Minimizes Resistance And Enhance Swim Speed

The best swim cap to keep water out of ears is specifically designed with silicone. Using this material, the cap has a streamlined texture, has a smooth surface and is stretchable. All these features are what help you swim faster. The round and smooth surface of the cap breaks water easily, eliminating any type of drag. This is why it is important to buy the best swim cap.

3. Keeping Your Hair Dry As Much As Possible

So, what is the best swim cap for keeping your hair dry? Well, frankly, there aren’t many caps that can fully keep your hair dry. However, the best swim cap for black hair can help. You see, how dry a swim cap keep your hair largely depends on the type of cap you use, how you use it and how you wear it.

Wet hair can be a massive complication for professional swimmers. This is because after you are done swimming, keeping the hair dry becomes frustratingly daunting. This is why many swimmers wear two caps instead of one.

On the other hand, if you select a cap the perfectly fits your head, doesn’t snag and is comfortable, you won’t need to wear two caps. This is a major factor to take into account when selecting a swimming cap. Always make sure the cap fits perfectly and you can easily adjust it.

4. The Best Speedo Swim Cap Will Keep Your Hair In One Place

Although, this is one of the main reasons why swimmers with long hair wear caps, you have to understand that it is perhaps the most important reason of them all.

4. The Best Speedo Swim Cap Will Keep Your Hair In One Place

Think about it, how well would you do swimming if you have to constantly keep your hair out of your face? This is a big problem for female swimmers. This is why it is paramount that you get the best swim cap for long hair.

5. Swimming In Cold Water

Swimming in cold water can be a daunting task if you are unable to keep your body warm. This is where specially designed culture caps for swimming come in. Although few swimmers use this cap, the primary function of the cap is to keep the swimmer’s head warm in cold water.

5. Swimming In Cold Water

Putting On The Best Swim Cap

After you get your hands on the best swim cap, the next important step is to learn how to wear it properly. First, before you put the cap on, make sure you trim your fingernails. Jagged nails can damage the material as you will to snag the cap a bit.

Be sure not to be wearing any jewelry when wearing the cap. Lockets, rings or earrings can tear the light and soft silicone materials fairly easily, rendering the cap useless.

If you have long and thick hair, the best way to put on a swimming cap is to make a tight hair bun, use a hair band (elastic) to tie your hair in that bun. Holding the best swim cap opened wide using both hands, gently fit the cap on your bun.

Ensure that only your fingers are inside the cap. Place your thumbs outside the cap. Start putting the cap on your forehead and then carefully pull it over your long hair.

The Best Swim Cap Materials

Swimming caps are designed using several materials. Some of the more common materials include:

  • Silicone – Silicone swimming caps are long lasting. A majority of professional and competitive swimmers use silicone caps. Moreover, these caps are less prone to hair snagging and drag.
  • Lycra (Spandex) Swim Caps – The name Lycra has been trademarked and is used as a superior version of traditional spandex. Caps that are made with this material are quite stretchable, durable and will not show signs of damage for a considerably long time, which is if you clean the cap after coming back from a swim. Lycra is a soft material and will never pull your hair.

Our Top 5 Recommendations

1. Speedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap

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Speedo’s Silicon Solid swim cap series has received positive feedback from both professional and recreational swimmers. The design of the swim cap primarily focuses on providing a high degree of comfort while putting the cap on and to keep the water from wetting your hair.

After you put on the cap, you won’t have to worry about your hair being pulled back as you swim. The swim cap has a nice stretch limit and a soft texture. The cap is also durable and pliable.

In addition, the swim cap is made from durable and light-weight materials so that you can put it on without any struggle. The silicone allows a good amount of air to pass through it, giving you a comfortable fit. Moreover, you can also easily stretch it, doubling its normal stretch limit. So, it doesn’t matter how thick or long your hair is.

Other features and benefits include:

  • The materials used are above industry standard and synthetic
  • Imported materials
  • Really good stretch
  • Snag and tear-proof
  • Provides a good amount of durability
  • Is a good fit and can be put on and taken-off easily
  • Comes in 12 colors

2. Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap

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The Speedo Silicone Long Hair swim cap for long hair is a brilliant product with a durable design. The materials used are man-made and offer a really nice stretch and fit. The cap is quite comfortable and will not pull you hair back when you jump in for a swim.

The cap comes recommended by professionals and is also a good choice for individuals learning how to swim. Made using silicone, the materials allows for air to pass through, making the fit more comfortable.

Other features and benefits include:

  • The swim cap is lightweight and offers enhanced comfortability and is a really nice fit
  • Latex-free
  • No snagging – easy to wear and take off
  • Double stretch allows the cap to stretch to double its size – you don’t have to worry how long and thick your hair is
  • Hugs the head to significantly minimize drag
  • Special design for swimmer that have long, thick hair

3. Swimtastic Lycra Swim Cap

The Lycra swimming cap series by Swimtastic is perhaps one of the best products available for both long and shorthaired swimmers. Although the cap can be worn for indoor swimming activities, it is also designed for outdoor swimming, which means it is a durable product.

Moreover, the lycra it is made from also acts a UV resistant material, shielding your hair and scalp from the dangerous rays of the sun, especially when you come out of a chlorinated swimming pool outdoors.

Other features and benefits include:

  • The cap does not move from the head while you swim
  • Comes in 5 colors
  • UV resistant material
  • The material provides a good amount of stretch – perfect for both male and female swimmers
  • Quick drying

4. TYR Lycra Swim Cap

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Lycra swimming caps designed by TYR are durable and stretchy. Not to mention the company tries to make the caps a bit larger in order to fit comfortably, regardless of the length of your hair.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how long or thick your hair is as the cap offers plenty of room. Plus, as there is no snagging, you can easily put on the cap and take off when you’re done swimming.

Other features and benefits include:

  • 80 % of the swimming cap is made using recycled nylon while the other 20% is made using highly durable Lycra
  • The swim cap is mainly designed for recreational swimmers and not professionals
  • Comes in a total of 6 colors

5. Royal Swim Cap For Long Hair

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The Royal Swim Cap designed especially for long hair swimmers is renowned for the fact it does not let any water get in to wet the hair. Moreover, the product comes with multiple swimming accessories, such as nose clips and earplugs, a complete package!

Moreover, the swim cap is designed with high-grade silicone, which is what extends its durability and lets you quickly and easily tuck all your hair in without any snag. The cap comes in a universal size, which means both male and female swimmers can use it.

Other features and benefits include:

  • 100% waterproof, which means the cap will not let any water get inside the cap. It doesn’t matter how frequently you swim and whether or not you are a professional
  • The caps are great for wavy, curly, straight and fleecy hair types
  • The materials used are top quality and overly sturdy. Moreover, the silicone is hypoallergenic, which means it is made from non-toxic materials.
  • High durability
  • Universal size – fits both men and women
  • Great stretch
  • Comes in 3 colors (pink, black and blue)

Bottom Line

Overall, swim caps provide you an edge over your competitors. It helps keep your hair dry, preventing it from distracting you constantly by flopping down over your face and enhances your speed while swimming.

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