What Are The Best Bodyboards To Buy?

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Comparison Chart

Morey 44″ Big Kahuna Bodyboard with Power Rod Stringer (Red)
31ST34C38DL. SL100
Own the Wave 37″ Bodyboard (Pink)
51jhJX6zC L. SL100
BPS 33″ Boogie Board for Surfing with Swim Flippers Leash and Body Board Leash for Arms (Green/White)
317P9YNs2iL. SL100
California Board Company Magnum 45 Bodyboard (44-Inch) (Colors May Vary), Assorted
41oGF1e yvL. SL100
Lucky Bums Bodyboard | Select Your Color and Size

When looking for the right equipment for your sport, you will typically want to search for quality gear, and that is true for quite a few reasons. First off, whatever you buy will end up lasting you far longer than otherwise if you ensure that it is built with care and it is made by a manufacturer that you know you can trust.

Getting the best gear is often a matter of guessing, however, and that is unfortunate, as it is so integral to your performance. Why leave the effectiveness of your equipment up to chance and then have your performance suffer for it? There are better options to ensure that you get the best gear.

What Are The Best Bodyboards To Buy 2

As you can imagine, reviews are one of the better ways in which you can determine what to expect for a particular product, and it is for this reason that we have assembled our best bodyboard guide. With this article, bodyboarders will be able to find the best boogie boards on the market without dealing with annoying returns and other inconveniences.

There are many things to consider when you are looking for the best bodyboard, and we understand that some of our readers may be new to the sport. This is why we have also decided to include a short guide to the most critical features to search for in the best boogie board after our reviews.

Of course, you should feel free to use this guide in any way you see fit, as we will be satisfied as long as you are. If you are only interested in a single bodyboard we have reviewed, you can skip right to it. On the other hand, if you are lost when choosing the right bodyboard, you may want to go over our buying advice.

As with all watersports, your equipment is essential to your success in this discipline, so you will typically want to choose products from the best bodyboard brands. Without any further delay, let’s get right into the first of our bodyboard reviews.

Best Bodyboard

Winner – Morey 44” Big Kahuna Bodyboard


  • 44-inch size allows for big and tall users
  • Features a PE dow core for improved durability
  • IXL deck is 4mm thick
  • The board weighs 8 pounds in total
  • Features channels on the underside which are graduated
  • Crescent tail helps reduce wake resistance
  • 180 to 200 lbs weight limit

The Big Kahuna from Morey is one of the best boards for riders that are big and tall, as it is 44 inches in size and it features an expanded max weight capacity. This board is not only long, however, as it is also wider than many other boogie boards so it can more readily accommodate larger riders.

This board comes as a relief to many larger boogie boarders, as it is growing increasingly difficult to find models that support you if you are tall. The issue with a boogie board, however, is not the size as much as it is the buoyancy, though many tall users will find a small board too uncomfortable regardless.

The larger deck of this board means that it will have much less difficulty staying on top of the waves, making it an excellent option for those who are tired of having boards sink under them. This model is also easier to grip around the edges, as the outer layer is made to be non-slip.

As with many excellent models, this boogie board has a crescent tail which works to reduce the disrupted wake that will typically slow you down on another board. The graduated channels on the underside of this model perform similarly to help reduce water resistance, and both of these features help improve your speed immensely.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the PE Dow core that is featured on this model, which is responsible for it being able to stay above the waves while supporting your weight.

While this is a larger board, remember that the upper limit for user weight is 200 pounds, so keep that in mind for your safety. Overall, this is an excellent choice for any boogie boarder who is taller or heavier.

Runner Up – Wave Weapon Bodyboard Beach Attack Pack

31ST34C38DL. SL500


  • Available in 33”, 37”, and 41” sizes for maximum versatility
  • Comes in green, blue, and pink colors
  • Comes included with fin anchors
  • Includes an Own the Wave leash for your board
  • Features a PP slick on the outer layer
  • EPS Core improves the control and lowers the density of this board
  • 12-month warranty
  • If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back

The Wave Weapon is an excellent choice of bodyboard for riders that are just getting into the activity and would like a comprehensive package that includes everything. For example, the Beach Attack Pack that includes this boogie board comes included with a high-quality Own the Wave leash.

You also won’t have to worry about investing in tethers for your flippers, as those are another complimentary inclusion with this bodyboard. Enough about what you get with this board, however, and let’s move on to what you can expect from the product itself.

While this may not be a professional model, the Wave Weapon is still one of our top-rated boogie boards due to its intuitive design that is coupled with a low price point. Of course, all of the extras included in the package help you make your decision, but in the end, whether or not you buy this board will be up to its performance.

There are three sizes available, and they are the typical lengths that you can expect from variable length board models, with the shortest being 33 inches, and the longest being 41 inches. Onto the construction of the board itself, it features an EPS core that is designed to improve buoyancy by a large margin.

You can also expect excellent customer service when you purchase this board, as you will be able to use it and see if it is to your liking before your money-back guarantee expires.

The Wave Weapon also has a 12-month warranty to ensure that you get your money’s worth out of it in the first place. While it is ideal for beginners, nothing is stopping an advanced boarder from using the Wave Weapon.

Alternative – BPS Storm Bodyboard

51jhJX6zC L. SL500


  • Available in all three typical sizes: 33 inches, 37 inches, and 41 inches
  • Color options: blue and purple, green and white, green and purple
  • Included leash is a coiled BPS model for convenience
  • Slick bottom helps keep this board faster than the competition
  • Features channels on the underside to aid in water flow
  • The crescent tail improves the quality of the wake
  • Constructed with an EPS core, as with most other quality boards

If you are a speed demon, then you’ll love the BPS Storm, as this board lives up to its name. While it may not appear all that different from many other models, the BPS Storm is constructed from materials that are optimized for use in boogie boarding. The slicked bottom and the EPS core are prime examples of this.

First off, a slick bottom helps decrease the water resistance that your bodyboard encounters by letting it slide over the top of the waves, which improves your speed. As with most worthwhile boogie boards, the BPS Storm features an EPS core that ensures the product is lightweight and retains buoyancy.

The BPS Storm is available in the typical variety of sizes, ranging from 33 inches up to 41 inches, meaning that most riders should be able to find something that works for them. If you are a little taller, however, you may be disappointed because this board isn’t fully optimized for the largest boogie boarders.

Of course, there are still some features to admire on this bodyboard, including a few extra goodies that come included. Unlike many boards that feature an included leash, this one comes with a high-quality BPS coiled leash that stays out of your way while you are boarding but is still strong enough to keep you tethered.

There are still many aspects of the board’s basic design that help contribute to enhanced performance, however. For example, the channels on the underside ensure that water flows in the right direction while the crescent tail manages the resistance of the wake ahead of you.

Alternative – California Board Company 44-inch MMAG Bodyboard

317P9YNs2iL. SL500


  • The deck is contoured for easier grip in tough waves
  • Arm wells and thumb bulbs help improve your hold on this model
  • EPS core ensures that this board stays buoyant throughout use
  • Slick bottom coupled with water channels improve this board’s speed
  • Includes a coil wrist leash that doesn’t get in your way
  • Crescent tail design helps reduce the wake while providing a place to put your body

The California Board Company is known far and wide for their excellent boogie boards, and this product is no exception. If you are a taller rider and you want the right board that can keep you afloat, a 44-inch model is often the best solution, and the MMAG is no exception to this rule, especially when you look at the quality.

Unlike the other flat boards on this list, this model from the California Board Company has a contoured deck that helps improve your grip. More specifically, it features thumb bulbs that you can use to improve your hold and arm wells where you can place your forearms while riding.

While the ergonomics of this board are excellent, the performance is what will keep you coming back for more, as this model’s speed is thrilling. This is mainly due to the inclusion of channels along the underside that are coupled with a slick bottom to improve both speed and maneuverability.

That’s not the only part of the board’s design that’s meant to improve how you swim, however, as the crescent tail design of this board ensures that you will have room for your torso. The crescent design also makes sure that the wake of your board is easier for you to swim through, improving performance.

While there aren’t many bonuses included with this product, it comes with a coil-type wrist tether which will typically stay out of your way while you are boarding. When you need it, however, the leash is strong enough to keep your board attached to you, even in the strongest of waves so that this product won’t be running off on you.

Alternative – Lucky Bums Bodyboard

41oGF1e yvL. SL500


  • Comes in all three standard sizes: 33 inches, 37 inches, and 41 inches
  • Available in four colors: red, green, blue, and pink
  • EPS core coupled with high-density polyethylene construction ensures buoyancy
  • Slick bottom helps improve the performance of this bodyboard
  • Includes a leash that is for both children and adults
  • Comes included with a money-back guarantee
  • Weight limits range from 65 lbs for the 33-inch model to 190 lbs for the 41-inch model

If you are looking for the best bodyboard that can be found in a range of different styles, the Lucky Bums board may be the ideal choice. While this model is a little more pricey than some of the other offerings, you will find that it is worth the price as it is far more durable and reliable than the competition.

This bodyboard is designed for those who are serious about this activity, as it is made to withstand quite a bit of punishment. The exterior of this board is made out of high-density polyethylene to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand repeated exposure to salt water as well as some abuse.

Within the polyethylene, you will find that this board features an EPS core, which aids in the model’s buoyancy, especially in rougher waters, as it is extremely lightweight. Another impressive aspect of this board’s construction is the slicked bottom, which works to improve your top speed when catching a wave.

These boards are highly versatile, which has likely contributed to their immense popularity. You can find the Lucky Bums bodyboard available in a range of four different colors as well as the three sizes you can expect to find most boogie board models in. This is not the only factor that makes this product versatile, however.

The leash on this bodyboard is designed for use by both children and adults, meaning that you won’t have to worry about who uses these boards short of following the weight limit. Overall, the Lucky Bums boogie boards are some of the best options out there, and they would be rated far higher if they weren’t so pricey.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Bodyboard

You may be wondering why it is so essential that you put so much effort into choosing the best bodyboard available. There are a few reasons why a quality bodyboard will be able to serve you much better than one that was purchased out of the bargain bin after sitting around neglected.

First off, a quality bodyboard will be far more buoyant than one that is made to poor standards, which makes things easier for you, as well as improving safety. A lack of buoyancy in your bodyboard could lead to you slipping under the waves unexpectedly, which is a severe hazard.

Other than the buoyancy of your bodyboard, the best model will also feature superior build quality meaning that it will be able to last you far longer. Being able to use your boogie board for a longer time before you have to replace it will end up saving you a significant deal of money in the long run.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Bodyboard

The best bodyboards will also come with accessories that are included free of charge, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing all of your gear separately, especially if you are a beginner. While some complimentary equipment will not be the deciding factor when you are making your purchase, it is an appreciated bonus.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Bodyboard

There are some features that you will want to pay particular attention to when looking for good boogie boards, as they will improve your experience as well as the product itself. Let’s go over some of the essential aspects in a bodyboard.


Of course, one of the most important things that you can account for is the size of the bodyboard that you are looking to purchase in the first place. There are three typical sizes for most boards that can be scaled up or down, and there are also purpose-made boards that have unique dimensions.

The three most common sizes you will see in good bodyboards are the following: 33 inches, 37 inches, and 41 inches. Keep in mind that some bodyboards for taller users can get up to 45 inches and taller, but there comes the point where the board gets too big to be used effectively by anyone.


The shape of your bodyboard is another thing that you need to consider before your purchase, as that will affect how it handles. A wider bodyboard will be less effective at cutting through waves as it will have a larger frontal surface area and thus more water to displace while moving.

However, more surface area in total means that the board will be far more stable than a narrower model. Boogie boards that are thinner are typically used by advanced boarders while the best bodyboard for beginners will usually be broader so that they don’t fall into the water.

You will find a crescent tail present on many newer boogie boards to ensure that the water flows smoothly around you while you use it, improving your hydrodynamics. As you can see, quite a bit of thought goes into the shape of your bodyboard, and you should also consider the right option for your needs.


The material that is used in your bodyboard will determine its performance, so you want the maker to use quality foam. This ties into the buoyancy of your board, as one that is made with foam that is too dense will sink more easily than a material that has been formulated specifically for boogie boards.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Bodyboard 2

In a professional bodyboard, you will be likely to find a range of different materials that are used in its construction to provide adequate structural support while still being able to float. When designing a bodyboard, it is always about striking a fine balance between buoyancy and resilience.

Keep in mind that a bodyboard will grow in price as more advanced materials are used in its construction, so you can’t expect an affordable board to utilize to most advanced composites. Keep in mind, however, that many substances are reasonably affordable and still float very well.


The degree of control that you have over your bodyboard is another thing that you will want to account for before buying it. As we mentioned earlier, control is largely a matter that is based on the shape of your board, but some other factors influence it as well.

When it comes to controlling your boogie board, you should look for the right flippers, first and foremost, as that will determine how easy it is to turn and propel yourself. We have a separate buying guide for bodyboard flippers on our site, for those of you interested in those as well.

Of course, your boogie board will still play some part in ensuring that you can control where you are going, as you will need it to be stable. A bodyboard which is unbalanced would be difficult to maneuver, and this is often due to bubbles that pop up in the foam of cheaper products.

Prone Board

Prone refers to riding a bodyboard on your stomach. You will want an all around board that has good shape and durable materials and one that is well balanced in terms of speed, control, and flexibility.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Bodyboard 3

The nose needs to be fairly wide for a prone board because you are drive and pivot off it, like when you do spins or bank reverses.

The tail plays an important role as it like the utter like on a boat. It doesn’t necessarily steer you but it plays a big role in control and stability. A “crescent tail” board has a lot more control and sticks to the wave but is very ridged and does not spin as easily when you are doing moves such as a backflip. “Bat tails” are the opposite. A bat tail gives you less control and releases and spins much easier. A bat tail has an overall looser feel. On bat tail boards, the width should be medium-sized.

Next, is the width of the board. The narrower the board, the more ridged it is. These boards are built more for speed and larger waves. The wider the board is, the more loose it will be for smaller waves and create ease with spins and turns.

Lastly, nose-to-wide-point is a practical measurement that is important to understand. The nose-to-wide point runs from the nose to the widest point on the rail of the bodyboard. The longer the nose-to-wide-point is the quicker the turns will be and the shorter the nose-to-wide-point is the slower or more mellow the turns will be. This measurement will help you decipher what board is best for personal enjoyment.


The definition of dropknee is explained in that picture, better than I could try to tell you in text! This technique is between prone bodyboarding and regular surfing. You can perform (with expert ability) ars, backflip, invert, roll, air forward or air reverse moves. However, you can perform floaters, carves, and spins with ease… WOO-HOO!



There has been an old saying that boards should be as tall as your belly button. The size of your board should not be confined to this thought. Boards are made to not be seen as a “one size fits all” accessory. In some cases swimmers’ boards are lower than their navel. It is important to note that the board should ALWAYS fit comfortably under your arm as you carry it and the thickness should also feel comfortable and conform to your body’s curves.


As with most products, the quality goes along with the price. On the cheapest level you have the cheap Costco/Walmart (or supermarket) boards you will find in the kids toy isle. These range from $20-80. They will suffice if you are just messing around on the weekends a few times a year in the summer.

Medium-cost boards are important for people fairly interested in bodyboarding. They usually range around $80-150.

Lastly, most expensive boards are for individuals with the highest skill set (unless someone starting out went big on a good board). The pro model boards are endorsed from champions like Jeff Hubbard, Ryan Hardy, Mitch Rawlins, Thom Robinson or Mike Stewart. These boards range from $150-280.


There are a little fewer than a dozen companies that you can’t go wrong with if you get a board from them. I just personally know these companies put out good shapes and materials that the best riders in the world use.

Comparison Chart

41POy138gqL. SL100
NMD Board Base Bodyboard, Green, 40-Inch
41FraVT4EfL. SL100
BZ Advantage 42.5″ Bodyboard (Colors Vary)
Morey 44″ Big Kahuna Bodyboard with Power Rod Stringer (Red)
41AHA53antL. SL100
VS Bodyboards Stubbie Stand Up Black Ball Short Surfboard, Aqua Blue, 46-Inch
51jLiaUcAqL. SL100
4 Play Bodyboards Dallas PP Contour 39 CT – Black Deck, Black Rails, Orange Bottom


There are a few different materials to choose from:


The bottom of the board will be Surlyn®. You should always get one stringer in your board. You should always have channels on the bottom of the board.


The top of the board can either be 8lb deck, which is a coarse, spongy material or a slick tighter celled material. You may also choose a board with a mesh called X flex — its like plastic chicken wire that goes along the bottom of the board right beneath the Surlyn®. A great combination is to find mesh with a stringer attached to it. Another option is to get a 2-piece tail. The material used for the 2-piece tail is from the rail and is harder and it also looks cool with a different color.


The core material of the bodyboard is very important. There are two main types, Polypropylene (PP) and dow (PE). There is also Arcel, but it is not commonly used nowadays.

Speaking of Arcel, it has the closest, stiffest, tightest, most dense cells making it very responsive but having the least amount of memory. Memory is how durable the core is so if you bend your board really hard or ride it hard it is how much it will return to its original condition.

Most boards are PP and that is the strongest and most flexible material. Its cells are tight and very responsive and it has a good amount of memory. PP has a great amount of stiffness to it. Polypropylene is in between Arcel and dow.

Dow cores has a ton of memory and not as much stiffness as the other two cores. It bends more but it can bounce back from that and restore to its original shape the best. The dow utilized today has excels in larger cold water waves but you can ride it in any wave conditions.

Custom Bodyboards

This is one of the best options for people that want unique boards. Many make small tweaks to their boards and can test out different forms, cores, and materials.

Custom Bodyboards

Here Are Some Of The Best Board Dimensions!

  • Length : 41
  • Nose: 11.5
  • Width: 21
  • Nose to wide point: 17.25
  • Tail: 17.5
  • Length: 42
  • Nose to wide point: 18.25
  • Nose: 12
  • Nose To Wide Point:17.75
  • Width: 21.25
  • Tail: 17.75
  • Length: 43
  • Nose: 12.5
  • Width: 21.75

You can fluctuate a half-inch or but these dimensions are great shapes and are good baselines if you want to change the dimensions by a little bit.


Thank you for going over our review guide to the best boogie boards on the market. We hope that you have been able to find the right product for your needs, and we thank you for your time. Feel free to leave any comments down below so that we can know your thoughts.

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