Best Body Surfing Fins

Best Body Surfing Fins

Surfing is a water-sport enjoyed by many. Majority of the people who take part in surfing usually invest fairly in equipment such as surfing boards, surfing fins, hand boards, swimming suit and surfing googles among others. When one acquires this equipment, surfing becomes more exciting to engage in. One of the most important surfing equipment a body surfer can invest in is a pair of body surfing fins. Below are some the best body surfing fins that are commonly used by surfers:

Force fins:
There are a variety of Force Fins that are readily available for body surfing such as Force Fin Pro, Force Fin Rip Force and Force Fin Original. Force Fins Original is among the best because they are comfortable and propel the surfer faster. Force Fins Pro aid easy movement and are very effective for all kinds of water surfaces.

Force Fin Original Review

Viper Fins such as V5 and V7:
Both models are made of neoprene and have been padding in the inside upper part of the fin to avoid injuries such as blisters. Viper fins enable surfaces to achieve maximum kick. Therefore, making them very efficient.

Voit UDT Fins:
These fins are said to be the heaviest and durable by experienced surfers. These types of particular fins is very suitable for casual swimming but is generally used by the Navy in training sessions.

Hydro Fins:
These types of fins are very helpful to surfers who want to achieve more thrust while surfing. Hydro Fins are very light and do not cause fatigue when used for over a long period of time.

Body Sufring

Churchill Fins:

Churchill Fins such as the Makapuu and Slashers are very common among the surfers who use body board fins. These types of fins are balanced to perfection but do not sink in water hence offering less kicking aid to surfers.

churchill Makapuu fins

Kick Fins:
Kick Fins are said to be most ideal for the surfing in waters that are turbulent and have many waves. They have a foot pocket design which makes them comfortable and are very light

Kick Fins Review

Duck Fins:
These types of fins are weighty, long and assist in more effective thrusts while surfing. Duck Fins were among the first type of fins to be made. They are very balanced in design, which makes them very popular among top swimmers on the globe.

Duck Feet

Why use the above stated body surfing fins?
Majority of people would ask why there is preference made towards the body surfing fins explained above. The body surfing fins above have been tried and tested by various surfers around the world and have been found to perform well when used.

One important factor to note is that surfing can sometimes be very tiring without the desired equipment. The fins explained above are easy to maintain, and they enable surfers to make more maneuvering moves while surfing.

Where to get body surfing fins?
These being some of the best body surfing fins that are regularly used, they can be gotten quite easily from a variety place. One of the places one can get these body surfing fins is at on-line stores like and Amazon.

Precaution should be taken when purchasing items online because there are individuals who would want to make quick bucks using fraudulent means. To get information on such as kind of products, interested buyers can dial the Amazon contact numbers and make enquiries.

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It is also possible to get body surfing fins from sport shops from various locations, which have been surfing gear. Body surfing fins costs have various price ranges. The prices of Force Fins can range from $ 180 to $ 300 depending on the type of fin that surfers desire. Kick Fins prices range from $ 50 to $ 60, Duck Fins prices can cost $ 45 to $ 65 while Viper Fins prices can range from $ 60 to $ 70.

Buyers of these products should give details regarding to where they need their body surfing fins to be delivered. There are companies that offer free shipping to customers who are within given distance ranges.

It is then advisable that buyers of these products should make wise consultation and decisions to ensure that they purchase products that will satisfy their surfing needs in the best way possible. Ensure you make every surfing a memorable experience by acquiring the best surfing fin.