Atomic Aquatics Split Fins Review

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Snorkeling and scuba diving can open up a whole new world for you. Some people consider these leisure activities, and others think of them as sports. However, everybody thinks them fun. Whatever your purpose, you will need a great pair of fins for both activities.

A good pair of scuba diving or snorkeling fins will allow you to achieve greater speed and forward momentum with minimal energy expenditure. Of course, any scuba diving or snorkeling fins should be highly comfortable.

With that said, finding a good pair of snorkeling and scuba diving fins is easier said than done, and much of this is because there are literally hundreds of options from which to choose, as well as various types of fins. However, when it comes to overall speed and energy efficiency, one of the best types of scuba fins that you can go with is the split fin.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of split fins for sale, which can make your choice quite difficult. First, however, we will look at the Atomic Aquatics Split Fins. This pair of scuba diving and snorkeling fins is all about speed, power, and comfort.

What are Atomic Aquatics Split Fins, and Who are They For? 

These scuba diving fins are split fins, which means that the split is down the middle almost right to the foot. So, you might be wondering what purpose this serves.

Well, this split fin design allows water to flow freely around them and surface water channels in and out of the opening. As a result, the split fins produce a spring-like action. The two halves spring back and forth, thus allowing for excellent power production, speed, and forward momentum, without needing much leg power or energy.

These Atomic Aquatics split fins are about being able to achieve maximum speed with minimal energy expenditure. The more efficient the fins like the longer you can stay in the water without fatiguing.

These fins are designed as general swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling fins, so they’re suitable for those undertaking these activities. They have other useful features besides the split fin design that we will discuss below.

Atomic Aquatics Split Fins Review

Now, we’ll look at the main features and benefits these scuba diving fins offer. But, first, we need to talk about the split fin design that provides a back-and-forth spring-like motion between the two halves of the fins.

This motion enables you to use less power than regular scuba fins but still achieve the same or even more speed. It provides the maximum amount of propulsion with minimal drag and minimal effort expended. You also consume much less oxygen, meaning you can stay beneath the surface or snorkel for more extended periods.

There are highly resilient power rails at the backbone of these fins. They work to store and release energy with every kick, thus allowing you to use even less energy.

You may also appreciate that these Atomic Aquatics are made of strong yet flexible materials. These are very durable fins that are not going to rip, break, or tear anytime soon.

At the same time, they’re also more than flexible enough to be comfortable and allow for a full range of motion. These fins are less than half the weight of open-heel scuba fins, making them great for travel.

In addition, they have an open toe and a soft full pocket. However, since they are step-in fins, there’s no adjustable ankle strap for a more secure fit.

Buying Advice

Now, these Atomic Aquatics Split Fins are incredibly high quality, so you can understand why they cost more than other fins.

However, you get what you pay for, and here you get many beneficial features that allow you to scuba dive or snorkel with minimal effort expended. So, if you plan on scuba diving or snorkeling regularly, we highly recommend looking closer at these Atomic Aquatics Split Fins.

With all of that being said, if you just plan on scuba diving or snorkeling once or twice for the fun of it, these might not be the right fins for you.


The bottom line is that if you need a great pair of swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling fins, these Atomic Aquatics split fins are an excellent choice to consider.

They might not be the cheapest on the market, but with that being said, they are designed for speed, power, and comfort, all without the user having to expend too much energy. When it comes down to it, these might just be some of the best scuba fins out there at this time.

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