Aqua Sphere Microfins Review

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Here we are going to review the Aqua Sphere Micro Fins…

Aqua Sphere is a top brand in the swimming realm and produces many high quality products like the Aqua Sphere Microfins! For such a excellent fin they are very affordable, especially considering the prices of other similar fins to this one. They come in gray with either a black or blue fin blade color. This fin is rated in the top 4 swim fins in the Amazon Marketplace.


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The Aqua Sphere Microfin is a training style fin to help improve strength and ankle flexibility. The blade is short and has the right amount of stiffness to produce consistent kick flow and tempo. The short fin design is to achieve a short, fast and powerful kick during training.

This quick burst of energy makes for a fast snappy response and is meant for training. It is not ideal for extremely long swimming excursions. This fin features a open toe fin pocket (your toes are exposed) which develops flexibility. These are made from 100% natural rubber. The raised rubber ribs allow proper channeling of the water.

Foot Pocket

The foot pocket is ergonomically designed to transfer power from the fin to your foot. The foot pocket is extremely comfortable and features a closed heel with a tab on the heel for easy entry and exit.

On the bottom of the foot there are traction pads and rivets to prevent falling a accidents around the wet pool edges as well as gripping the wall when you do flip turns!

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